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Thanks for posting. Interesting material about "Women" which I read before somewhere. The German edition [Das Liebesleben der Hyaene] supposedly contains material that Martin cut out of the American edition, but I've checked my copy and it has the same number of chapters so will have to look more carefully to see if it does indeed have stuff that was Martinized.
wow that letter from jan 79 is a smoking gun.

i guess old habits die hard - especially when no one's around anymore to protest.
Good stuff, thanks.

2 skin cancer burnoffs so far.

I can't complain, got 2 skin cancer poems out of it.
Not to detract from d gray's find there, but most of those have been here on the manuscripts page for some time. The ones Bukowski wrote, anyway.

Just saying.
sorry i realized that after the fact.

i knew i should've stayed on the sideline...
i knew i should've stayed on the sideline...
No way, man. We got one out of there that we didn't have before. No harm in revisiting things. Obviously a lot of people missed them on the manuscripts page, understandably.

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