Sartre, Genet, Miller and BUKOWSKI: UNVEILING THE MYTH - by Abel Debritto


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Another fine book from Purple Glow Press. I read it cover to cover in one sitting, and while it's not long, that's rare for me given the endless distractions and my restless nature. Beautifully produced and good text.


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had a beautiful surprise in the mail yesterday. no, not the cable bill! this chapbook!

nice one, Purple Glow.
My little girl thought it was her birthday present arriving.

Ha! As if I'd spend my hard earned cash on her birthday when there was such a beautiful little package available like this. A fantastico little package. I'm going to frame the postcards and stick them up around my flat.
Hello everyone! Can anyone please help me?

Those links are unfortunately invalid, does anyone have an access to this interview or fragments of Debritto's book? I'm currently writing an essay about Bukowski and Miller and "Unveiling the myth" will be so much helpful. I'm living in Eastern Europe and Debritto's works are not available here at all. I've found the fragments of "King of the Underground" in the internet, but no sign of his previous book... I'll be grateful for some hints or links, thanks!

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I still have a copy of the chapbook that PGP published. Send me a PM if you'd like one.
Here is the pdf minus the artwork.



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I have found a few copies of the chapbook. If you are interested send me a pm. They are $10. and that includes the shipping.