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What authors does Screamin Skull publish?

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p.s. MODS, I thought that links were not allowed on first posts?
I think you should leave the link. People from Canada are not like the real weasels from the warmer climes. Winnipeg is out on the edge of the world like Nova Scotia and you should give them a wider berth.
I did leave his links - we would have okayed them anyway. But technically he shouldn't have been able to post them, and I fixed that.
so sorry...

i'm sorry folks, i missed the part about not posting links, my sincere apologies...just wanted to show some canadian content that is "somewhat" similar to what buk did (yes, i'm a big fan, though henry miller is more my thing, but love buk), and also thought i could get some exposure for mine and my wife's writing/publishing company...we're only publishing our own work so far, but the goal is to reach a point where we can publish other writers....that has been my goal since i started it in 1994...i'm also very interested in small press writers of all kinds, and have been checking out what's on here....there's a lot of talent out there, don't let anyone tell you different, there just aren't many places to gain exposure for us indie writers...but this is a great site, and i will definitely keep in touch...feel free to contact me through our other sites and tell me what you think about about our also very open to trades with other indie writers, i have many books published and tons of material to contribute...

and thank you for keeping the links in, good stuff man...

tony nesca

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