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Boy oh boy oh boy...that's a pretty damn sharp looking book. Fantastic!

Congrats on everything!
Wow those look great, and I bet they will look even more awesome in person.
Congratulations on the upcoming wedding, that is very cool.


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i should mention that we're getting married but we're not having a wedding: jordan's brother is flying out from chicago to be our witness, but we're just going to the county clerks office. the wedding isn't for another year, when my family can make it out here from new zealand.
Justine, going to the County Clerk with a witness in tow is the wedding. Anything beyond that is a party.

A wedding is a legal matter. Sharing it with those whom you love is a party. I would add that I think that how you two are doing it is a great way to go. The day you two commit to one another is an immensely personal experience that is best undertaken with no external distractions.

I should know; I've done it twice. :D


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[...] i would also like to advise anyone else thinking about making their first ever chapbook to avoid more than ONE signature: jesus christ it has been difficult figuring out how to bind in two signatures. [...]

I've been making chapbooks for almost 40 years and it never dawned on me that you could have more than one signature in a book. I just have thick signatures when there are too many pages. How would you do that? Glued into wrappers? Two signatures sewn together?


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a double spine -

you fold the spine so it looks this \/\/, so it's kind of like two books in one. the hard part is that it all has to be sewn together, at the same time, although we figured out a way to cheat (our signatures were also too thick).
Hey Gerard,
My babies are the one's on the right, I got twins. Is that yours on the left.....?
Oh my yours is a cute one. Congratulations:D


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Wow, they looks great! Can't wait to get a copy.

Congratulation with the upcoming wedding, Justine and Jordan! :)
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thanks everyone, it's nice to finally see all this work come to something.

i'm sending out invoice and order confirmations today. if you think you have a preorder with us and you haven't received an email by this time tomorrow, please contact us at
chance (dot) press (dot) books (@) gmail (dot) com

included in the invoice email will be the paypal address for payments. please do NOT try sending paypal payments through the chance press email - that does NOT exist as a paypal account.


Anytime there are legal matters involving witnesses from Chicago, I get nervous.
But I think this time I can relax, right ?

The book looks beautiful. Absolutely cannot wait.

What is the date of the city clerk visit ?
I'm picturing a thread on that day filled with pics of tuxedoes, beautiful gowns, flowers, and free booze..... a cyber-enhancement of the real thing. :)


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no tuxedos or fancy gowns! i might put on a dress... but i'll probably just wear jeans. we're doing the deed on april 6.

Gerard K H Love

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April is a good month. My wife and I drove to Las Vegas Apr 15th 1980 and drove back that same night. Only 29 years ago. The book will be ready in April and my oldest son was born April 14th. I do like April.
Congrats. I was married on April 4, 1998, which just happens to be the 30th anniversary of Dr. King's assassination.



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I'll keep that generous offer in mind, considering we trim all our book edges with a metal ruler and an Exacto knife.

But I don't know if I ever want to use a cutter like that again. Too many bad memories. ;) I think some of them are in Buk Scene #1! Ha.

or sliding a razor sharp 32 inch
22 pound blade
up out of a wooden sleeve
and slinging it into the jaw of an old paper cutter
bolting it in
praying that it won't slip out
and send my fingertips tumbling to the floor
like sticky red Vienna sausages
before I can jack in the first bolt

slam a lift of paper into the cutter
crank down the clamp
hands, wrists, shoulders, back
pull down the long metal handle
in a nice fluid motion
hands, shoulders, back, legs
bringing it down with enough force
to slice through the four inch stack of paper

same motions
every time
for each cut
as a half ton of paper
waits to be diced
and as long as the metal doesn't quit
the muscles can't quit
so the hours pass in painful
dull repetition

I don't tell him about those things

Excerpt of "Promotion"
first appeared in buk scene 1.
© Michael Phillips


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i meant to announce the 'special mystery poet' that came on board for this book last week...

some of you have probably already guessed, but for those who haven't:
it's Joan Jobe Smith

this lovely lady contacted me not long after we had closed submissions, asking if it was too late - how could we say 'no'? she sent a bunch of incredible poems, and i think i may have fallen completely in love with her. over the last few months we have emailed back and forth, and i've been lucky enough to get to know this clever, witty and generous woman. one of these emails was also the source of the anecdote that is screen-printed onto the signature envelope: it's a little story joan told me about a bukowski signing she was once at. it demonstrates a humorous and personal side to bukowski, and also showcases joan's effortless storytelling capabilities.

if you haven't yet read this lady's work, i suggest you do so.

Gerard K H Love

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That's great, I read her posts here but got the impression from her that she was in poor health. I can't wait to read what she wrote and it's a surprise that she is the one.
The books look most excellent J & J. I hope you got my email about letting my extra 2 go to someone else. Hell, food is a luxury right now. Getting my one copy may be the best thing that's happened to me in a long time and may just keep me from offing myself.
You're right MJP. It's kinda like getting pissed that you're in a 20 foot deep hole you just dug and throw your shovel up and out in anger.

(end threadcrap)

Gerard K H Love

Appreciate your friends
Here comes the rope. Tie it around you waist and you will be pulled out.
When I dig those holes, I can't always get myself out either.


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Yeah, man, we'll pull. I know some hefty motherfuckers in Wisconsin, snap you right out of that hole like it was nothing.


"So fuck Doubleday Doran"
I listened to the latest show. I like it.

Back to topic...looking forward to read the buknet members poems.


lothario speedwagon
first batch is going in the mail this weekend, with the next batch to follow in a couple weeks.
congrats on realizing such a big goal...I know it must feel fucking great.

thanks a bunch for the hard work and kick ass book...


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I too am looking forward to seeing this labour of love. I just know its gonna be great.


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I think they are just waiting for a few more payments to clear before they take their fortune and skip town and disappear...take it on the lam, hit the road, vamoose -- leaving us bookless and devastated. Yeah, I can see it all now...they're the type, you know. Very shifty. Both of them. Like pirates.


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Reaper Crew
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they're crossing the Mexican border right now in a stolen convertible with the bodies of everyone who got in their way in the trunk.

drinking St. Ides malt liquor and pissing into the empties so they don't have to stop. throwing the piss bottles at the locals just to see them dance. filming everything on their iphone.

and no seat belts.

and no seat belts.

Now the rest I can handle...but the seal belts...

That's just dangerous...

& I'm fine with them crossing the Mexican border--as long as it's in Las Cruces, N. Mex. I know a guy down there...& he'll get my book...he's got ways...
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