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  1. That's freaking awesome. And no fire ants were hurt during the filming of this segment. *cough* :rolleyes:
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  2. You could have posted a video of actual curling, it's just as funny.
  3. That was one hell of a shot!
  4. Nigerian comedian Klint Da Drunk explains reggae music.

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  5. Normally these work fail compilations can be a painful slog, but check in particular starting at 9:43 and the guy in the orange shirt running the jackhammer/compactor.

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  6. That guy with the boxes about ten minutes in is my everything.
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  7. skiroomalum

    skiroomalum See that bank? Used to be a cigar store... Redwood Original Unholy Ones

  8. What the actual fuck? He got possessed by an icy pimp gangster or Eddie Murphy or both during his anesthesia.
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  9. Pogue Mahone

    Pogue Mahone Officials say drugs may have played a part Redwood Original

  10. Pogue Mahone

    Pogue Mahone Officials say drugs may have played a part Redwood Original

  11. Today in Social Media 101, we discuss why it's important to make sure you revoke social media access for employees who you're firing (or whose stores are closing down).

  12. d gray

    d gray tried to do his best but could not First 9 Redwood Original Unholy Ones

  13. My son, Captain Teddy Bear. For those without the patience scroll to the 1min 53sec & 2min55 sec marks.

  14. I've seen quite a bit about the flavor of the games and... I'm just really unclear as to how anyone even discovered how they taste. I've been playing video games for a LONG time and I've never had the urge to lick a cart. Or CD.

    Well, I may have tongued the center hole of a PSX game back in the day, but that's it.
  15. My sons say that because the games are so small SWITCH put that flavor on 'em so babies/little kids won't swallow them.
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  16. Well, I checked to see if my son had left any of his old games in his closet and I admit that I had to lick a playstation cartridge. The first lick didn't taste like soap so I licked the other side and then all around. I'll have to find a Nintendo one because I have to try everything once. :D
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  17. I dunno, given what my two-year-old has put in his mouth in the last six months, I feel like he'd probably chow down on these things regardless...
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