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Normally these work fail compilations can be a painful slog, but check in particular starting at 9:43 and the guy in the orange shirt running the jackhammer/compactor.



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Today in Social Media 101, we discuss why it's important to make sure you revoke social media access for employees who you're firing (or whose stores are closing down).



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I've seen quite a bit about the flavor of the games and... I'm just really unclear as to how anyone even discovered how they taste. I've been playing video games for a LONG time and I've never had the urge to lick a cart. Or CD.

Well, I may have tongued the center hole of a PSX game back in the day, but that's it.


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My sons say that because the games are so small SWITCH put that flavor on 'em so babies/little kids won't swallow them.

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Well, I checked to see if my son had left any of his old games in his closet and I admit that I had to lick a playstation cartridge. The first lick didn't taste like soap so I licked the other side and then all around. I'll have to find a Nintendo one because I have to try everything once. :D


Sad Flower in the Sand
I dunno, given what my two-year-old has put in his mouth in the last six months, I feel like he'd probably chow down on these things regardless...