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I'm ju$t $ayin.
Why can't a white grl date a black guy?
I'm just a$kin
I like black guy$
don't be hatin.
I get so many look$
I'm just $ayin.
I like white guy$, too.

mjp, I hate you. I had to watch ALL her videos. People like that just pull me in.

To the above: does right mind have a color? Who in their right mind would date that idiot? I'm afraid the answer is plenty.
Taking my mind off of that with this:

[This video is unavailable.]


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Shiiit, protective gloves and a helmet? (S)He's probably wearing all other manner of girly pads as well.. You call that extreme? Pussies.
What Mr. Phillips meant to say is that he has the utmost respect for the courage and skill of the rider on display in the aforementioned video recording. The type of "mountain bike" riding that Mr. Phillips engaged in in the late 1980s was foolish, reckless and dangerous, and he does not condone participation in it, or the riding of any wheeled conveyance without the prudent use of adequate protective equipment.

hank solo

Just practicin' steps and keepin' outta the fights
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Surely that's not...

Do we have a master mistress of disguise in our midst?

You approve of the wig & what it says about me?

I'll stop posting these here, but I'm Crissy Brimbus not going to stop making them. Ever.
The body posturing, facial expression and feline utterance is eerily similar to the response I got when I played the following for a past fave cat of mine: Come to think of it, similar to my response but that might have had something to do with what I'd ingested.

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