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I hope this thread was not posted before i just found this:

The wild years:

In his wildest years he met some famous stars, such as Iggy Pop, U2, Killing
Joke, Gang of four, Alice Cooper, the Sex Pistols, Nirvana, Smashing
Pumpkins, Ramones, Alice in Chains and a majority of the Wave-, Gothik-,
and Punkszene and many different more. Cult director Järg Buttgereit
(Nekromantik) made music-videos with him.

For Itchy, one of the personal Highlights in his career, is his late friendship
with Charles Bukowski. For his song genius of the crowd Itchy took the
same named lyrics of Bukowski, and his publisher in america demanded 5000 $
for the unallowed use of other artists thoughts. After a telephone call
between Bukowski and Itchy, Bukowski visited Itchy and gave him his
permission to use the text free of charge.

It makes sense that John Martin claimed him for 5000 $ but that Bukowski visited him sounds very strange?
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maybe they went barhopping in all of those bars in San Pedro that every bar owner in SP claims that he did!

Yes, I am sure that Bukowski hung out with many people that he never actually met. It is hard to argue with the dead.

Cult director Järg Buttgereit
(Nekromantik) made music-videos with him.

Not to divert the thread but what a sweet, lovely film Nekromantik is. If you're on the verge of breaking up with your significant other "Clockwork Orange" 'em in to watching this one, especially the ending. Then let them go, trust me they'll go quick.
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