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I'm looking for critical (or uncritical) sources on male to male violence in CB's work. Anybody know of anything? So many bar brawls and hostility, someone has to have written about it at some point.
I have good and bad news.

Good news: there's a whole Phd thesis, now published as a book, that deals with violence in Bukowski's prose work. As a phd it was called "Anatomy of Violence in Charles Bukowski's novels"(I love that title), now it's called " Tales of Ordinary Violence". I read it, it's actually quite good! Here is the amazon link:

Bad news: It's only in French ^^

I have it at home, and though it does not specifically focus on male to male violence, there are some interesting ideas you could use. For ex. I like how A. Thiltges makes use of psychoanalytical concepts for this topic.
You can have a look at the content on the amazon website. If you don't know French, maybe have someone giving you a hand.
Damn, this is a time when I wish I didn't skip so much in grade 10 French class. No, I'm horrible at French. Never took more credits than the minimum required in high school. It might be worth keeping in mind though, I've got plenty of French speaking friends.

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