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I had a clip of this many years ago, burned it to CD, which subsequently got scratched. I've searched all over the internets and can't find any audio of Bukowski reading this poem, but have found several people also in search of it.

Does anyone have it? Or have an idea of where I might be able to find it?


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don't think I've heard that recording.

its not on
  • Poems and Insults
  • 70 Minutes in Hell
  • At Terror Street and Agony Way
  • King of Poets
  • Uncensored (from The Run with the Hunted session)
  • Hostage
  • Underwater Poetry Festival
  • Solid Citizen


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It's not on any of the regular Buk cd's as far as I know. I would very much like to hear it...
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I would definitely like the clip. It's too bad there's no information out there regarding its origin. Could you post it here? Thanks!


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unfortunately, once compressed, the file is 1.22mb and the limit seems to be 700kb here.... unless mjp changes that for a while.

by the way, the file seems to be from 2000, so I'm almost sure I got it from or any other site. It's a home recording, not a public reading.
Now THAT sounds GREAT !
Again, mjp is THE man!
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Thanks, c...! After saving it first, it works fine!

When was the poem recorded? And in what context?

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