the bukowski tapes


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To cut 60 minutes they would have to take out more than the charming musical interlude.
that's why I don't believe, this is the full version just with the music cut out.
Well, the MAIN reason I believe this is:
they could make more money with a DVD release of Barfly plus one of the Buk-Tapes (complete). So obviously there was a problem, maybe in terms of copyright. I dunno.

I remember, there was a VHS-Tape-version of the 'BUK-Tapes' in Germany - With the subtitles (which weren't bad btw).

It's unfortunate that these things come and go so quickly, but I guess that's what eBay is for, right?
maybe ebay pays them for taking things off the free market ...


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Warner Bros. must have licensed the Bukowski tapes, because they had four chapters on the US release of Barfly too. I would think the reason for the edit was strictly due to space limitations. I don't know if you can get 4 hours onto one DVD...if you can, then it must be some other reason.

If the new release is even WB...maybe it's not...


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I said this in the 'Barfly'-thread already: In Germany there's going to be published a 2-DVD-version of 'Barfly' which also includes 180 min of the 'Buk-Tapes'. That would be PAL then.

That double-DVD should be out end of September and I will have it in my shop. The price should be something like 19.90 EUR.
Ah, I saw this one on amazon and wondered about the 2-DVD-version. If I didn't miss it, there were no infos about sticking the Buk-Tapes in. Where did you get that information, roni?

Strange about the 180, tho. Maybe they threw out some readings?
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... But why not release them as a whole together?
Yeah, I too don't see their point!

They are also bringing out a one-DVD-version of Barfly then.
So, it woulda been MUCH more money in one DVD of Barfly PLUS a two-DVD-set of the WHOLE Buk-Tapes.

I can't believe, they didn't see this. So the reason must be another. My guess is still, that there were copyright-issues in using the whole material. Nothing else makes the slightest bit of sense. (to me that is.)


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The new 'Barfly' edition on Amazon is delayed too. I've tried to order it and they've send me an email twice saying it was delayed, last time was today. They said they hoped I would have it before Sept. 21, but it'll probably be delayed again...


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I'm almost ashamed to say but I lifted the double VHS set from Tower Video on Sunset when I worked there in 89. Watched countless times and lost them in a move. Back when I lived inside a bottle.
This is too cool, really.

I reviewed Barfly when it came out. Wanted to see it again so put it in my Netflix queue. It's been in a permanent limbo of unknownness for two or three years. Where'd it go?

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Most of the people who watched in the past have forgotten how good it is, got sober, "grew up," got married, got a better job, got a DUI and couldn't go to the bar every night, went to mandatory AA, and subsequently got Religion!


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I reviewed Barfly when it came out. Wanted to see it again so put it in my Netflix queue. It's been in a permanent limbo of unknownness for two or three years. Where'd it go?
It went out of print, some time ago. So unless it's released again, it's unlikely Netflix will be able to offer it again on DVD.

It isn't available for streaming on Netflix or Amazon right now, but those streaming statuses are always changing.
You're very kind but, unfortunately, I have nothing to play a VHS tape. I could stare at it for a long time. That would probably be pretty entertaining in itself.

Was it in Hollywood or in a letter where he predicted it would play at night on TV from time to time and people would discover hidden meanings or new meanings in it?


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It went out of print, some time ago. [...]
I must state that I'm sorry:
when I answered to another post just a couple of minutes ago, and linked to my shop, I had no idea, that there'd be another thread tonight, to give me a second reasonable apropos to do so. So, please take my word for it: This is NOT 'advertising-night'!

'Barfly' is officially available again.
But that's in Europe.


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I just ordered these. Some people earlier in the thread are mentioning $15. My copy cost me $40, so be happy with anything less these days.