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The Day It Snowed In LA (1 Viewer)

watch out for 'theeffects' bidding against you
He hit on some of my Buk stuff
And bid it up stupid

Hey, that's not nice!
It's funny I started posting a few days ago and I came across my buyer name/me.
I guess in fairness, it bugs me when others RAMP up prices on items I bid on as well...
It's even more odd than you think! These two copies that are available at auction are both LETTERED copies! There are only 26 of those vs. the 200 signed copies. That two of the more scarce editions would come on the market simultaneously is truly bizarre. If I were Scott, I would have first checked to see if any other lettered copies were currently being auctioned. He diluted the market by throwing up another copy.


It is what it is
No...its exactly as odd as I think :D
Yeah, it would have been a smarter business move to check the competition out before listing.

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