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“The essential doesn't change.” Beckett
Doing some random "world wide web surfing" i came upon mention of the Frolic Room in Hollywood as a particularly favorite dive bar of Buk's. How true and if so what's it really like? Still a worthy hang?
I've been there once and liked it. Not too much so that I'd make it my favorite bar, but quite well.
Basically it's exactly what this Google-Maps thingy shows, one long, strait room with paintings on the side opposing the bar.
The Frolic Room was just used as a scene for about a minute in the April 10th, 2013 Southland episode. (season 5, episode 9).
Has TV: Yes
Wheelchair Accessible: No


Oh and
Smoking: No

That's not a bar.
Wheelchair Accessible: No. Huh. My dumbass never realized. And as to the tv? They hardly ever put it on and it is kind of easy to ignore. The regulars are a good bunch.
Actual name is Bob's Frolic Room. It's xnext to the Pantages on Hollywood Blvd. First place I ever got loaded in LA. There was a second Frolic room on a side street(Ivar or Cahuenga maybe...). Very narrow bar with no character. Firefly much better bar close by but now long gone.

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