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the "linda king effect"... (1 Viewer)

She signs a lot of stuff she maybe shouldn't. I have a couple of large Sam Cherry photos of Bukowski that are marred by her signature. She's not even in the pictures.

There's someone around her though who seems to believe her signature means something when it's on a Bukowski item. He's wrong, but doesn't seem to get it.
at least that book is dedicated to her, unlike some of the other ones i've seen bearing her signature.
What chafes me is that she and the 'person around her' don't even bother getting worthwhile editions. A signed Ecco PB? Pppppbbbbttttthhh.
i just find it depressing, especially with the "real woman" inscription - bukowski or not, can you imagine still having sour grapes over a relationship that ended FORTY YEARS AGO? to imagine someone's entire life defined by the five on again/off again years they spent with a famous writer is too depressing to want on my bookshelf.

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