The mystery of Jane C. Cooney (Baker)


Well, I found this two pictures in the archives of Jane's granddaughter.

I am pretty sure this is Jane's sister Virginia, but on the other hand the guy looks a bit like B. in Mariposa Ave.

The different in the age of the couple seems to be ten years or even more, and then the often mentioned legs........

Jesus, I don't know ......




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I don't think you're looking at the Mariposa apartment there. Or Bukowski.

I understand wanting to see something, but I don't think Bukowski had lace tablecloths and candelabras. ;)


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Also chair, curtains and wallpaper are different than in other Mariposa photos.


The mans face seems different too. The eyes especially. And he has a kind of open friendly smile which is not something you could say about Bukowski.

Still, interesting vintage. Maybe it's the ligthing but this seems to be one pale lady.
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Let me add, that this female in the photo does not only NOT LOOK like anything we've seen of Jane in the yearbook, but is rather ugly with a face of wax.

I'm glad to hear this is not Jane.


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I don't know why I was under the impression that the Jane yearbook photo was a senior picture. I was just looking through that yearbook (online) and it's a Junior year picture.

This charming 1927 New Mexico humor is in the back pages...

Perfect: This means, there's a good chance, that we'll be able to see an other photo of her (the real senior pic) as well. Just need to find the yearbook, which should not be too impossible, yeh?


Well I checked this already with the Roswell High School principal and the Historical Society of Southeast New Mexico but I will double check the issue now....
Interesting stuff. I've read through the thread and couldn't figure out what descendants she would have ( her sibling's grandchildren?).


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Well I checked this already with the Roswell High School principal and the Historical Society of Southeast New Mexico...
Maybe she didn't sit for a picture her senior year. But the 1927 yearbook picture that we know is definitely from the junior class. Check the page numbers:



Seniors were listed first in the book, on pages 21 - 36.

On an unrelated note, Marina Bukowski was listed as "camera shy" in the Santa Monica High School yearbook for her sophomore and junior years (1980, 1981). In 1982 she wasn't listed at all, so they must have moved from Santa Monica around that time and she graduated from another school...


the 1927 yearbook picture that we know is definitely from the junior class
there goes the myth, that she was 10 years older than Buk.

(ps: how strange, but all these "juniors" look like 19 yrs at least.)
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How does that negate the age difference? Juniors are typically 16-17 years old which correlates with the 1910 birthdate and 1927 yearbook.
This is one of my favorite threads to check up on. Buk mentioned how many times he and Jane had to come bail each other out of jail. Has anyone ever checked to see if there's a mug shot somewhere in the L.A. county archives? Maybe there's even a Buk mug shot.


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The city of Los Angeles doesn't release booking photos.

But who knows -- the pictures from the 1940s and 50s are probably stacked in some dusty corner of a building downtown where they could "sneak out." But someone would have to be able to locate them and then get their hands on them, which seems like a lot of...something.

I have the feeling Sounes would have given us those pictures if they were obtainable.
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