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Mickey Rourke stirring up some positive buzz with his starring role in The Wrestler. It won top honors at the Venice Film Festival( CNN story).
The Adam Corolla radio program mentioned how great Mickey Rourke once was and of course how he seemed to self-desturct a few years back. One thing they brought up was an article about how he thought about a murder suicide, which he did not go through with thanks to the help of a Catholic priest in New York.
His movie is getting plenty of hype.;)
I've got a pre-screening pass to this movie

Wow! That is a very good reason to like someone. Seriously you are on the right track. He is rebelling against the trend(all normal stuff and the same old bullshit) and you must be admiring that. He may have gone against the grain a little too much, wouldn't you say?
I sincerely hope The Wrestler is a good movie, but you will see so let us know.
The Wrestler - Mickey Rourke receives praise

Ruthe Stein of the San Francisco Chronicle has placed Mickey Rourke on a list of hypothetical winners for 'Best Actor' nominees.

This article which makes some good picks on everything else for the year.

Sean Penn in Milk sounds like something to see. It would be nice if Mickey Rourke could pull off a win. Although the voters from the Academy are not likely wrestling fans. It is Andy Kaufman's fault.
Post-showing at a pre-screening? Isn't that an oxymoron?

What'd you call me?! :)

Turns out I can't go
(going to Idaho (and really, really don't want to) for a couple of days).

If anyone in the LA area wants to attend, pm me and I'll give you my registration #.
It's going to be at the Landmark Theater this Wednesday, 8pm
Thanks marina del ray. Interesting and good to know that people are still being offended by fiction. (I am Assuming that the story is fiction.) Rourke still looks a mess, but I must say I will probably pay to see this film. I'm intriqued. CRB:)
Darren Aronofsky directed this. In my book, he is a damn fine director.

Notice how Mickey Rourke and Marissa Tomei have both been in Buk movies.

How's that for a tie in? Maybe we'll see a part for Frank Stallone if they are looking for a never-been wanna-be actor....

Yo! I have never seen BarFly(I'm waiting). I have been watching the talk here about Micey R. for quite some time.
After seeing the clip(thanks, GNHLOVE). I WILL go and see this film. :)CRB
I know people ( little old ladies in luxury condos on championship golf courses ) who watch professional wrestling on TV. Every week like church. But they wouldn't go to the movies to see that.
I just saw Rourke in 'The Wrestler'.
I found the subject very original and Rourke was fantastic. A perfect match.
Some parts made me laugh saddly.
I could see a little of myself coming out of the gym.:eek:
Rourke is a very good actor. He is the very best Hank.
...I'm waiting, and hopeing that if it does get big 'buzz' that they will re-release Rourke's older films,(BARFLY!!!). CRB:)

This is my hope too. But the studio must remember Barfly is not a sexy bank-heist film with hi-tech action sequences and thrilling chase scenes. And not an animated penguin in sight.
If you guys liked The Wrestler I recommend the Wrestling Documentary film 'Beyond the Mat'

Yes. A wonderful documentary that really hits a lot of high and low points in wrestling.

Another point of interest about The Wrestler... some of the scenes were shot at indy shows put on by the company Ring of Honor. I went to their shows for almost three years straight all around New England and the Tri-State area.

I was so happy when it was announced and then... the company started tanking about... a month or so afterward... so disappointing.

I can't wait to see The Wrestler when it hits DVD though. I love Pi and Requiem For A Dream.
Its a good thing you didn't say that in real life. You would've been dead before you finished your sentence.

But yes, I know what you mean. One of the few films that I sat speechless through the credits.

Also: not the kind of film to watch home alone, in the dead of winter, while already fairly depressed... I mean... damn!
Selby has a way of writing books that are VERY un-Hollywood in their movie endings.

Last Exit to Brooklyn ends with a gang rape of a prostitute and the beating and crucifixion of a closet homosexual. Requiem ends in a mess of pain and despair, where there is no winner and everyone, in the end, has no hope.

It is painful, but refreshing, when it seems that all movies have to have a neat and tidy ending that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy.

Did anyone see Win Wenders' Wings of Desire? At least in the remake (City of Angels), they kept the depressing ending.

Speaking of Wim, has anyone seen "Until the End of The World"? I thought that is was a bit long, but great idea and interesting.


p.s. Sorry to go so far off topic....
I haven't read Last Exit or Requiem, but I have seen the movies and I'm a bit on the fence about them. While I appreciate that they don't have the typical warm and fuzzy Hollywood ending, I can't help but feel cheated with all the gloom and doom--which in my opinion is just as one dimensional. To me, art should be like a good funeral--mixed emotions--happy and sad at the same time.
I sold a few of those Daihatsu back in the day and I was sporting a very similar hairstyle.
That thing in his hand looked like a glass pipe.
Do you think Bukowski would have been a Japander, if he'd found himself over there?
Even though Mickey Rourke did not Receive the Oscar he did get a big acknowledgment from Sean Penn during his lengthy political acceptance speech. I hope he makes some more movies now.
I think it's been funny, all this talk of a Rourke "comeback." Come back? When was he ever relevant or important? Has he ever been in a really good movie? I can't think of one. Maybe this Wrestler movie is good, a lot of people seem to think so. If it is, it's his first. Or second, if you are a Barfly fan. I am almost a fan of Barfly, but think the main thing dragging it down is Rourke's hammy bullshit.

He's a marginal character at best, and a self-important douchebag on top of that. One of those examples of ego in inverse proportion to talent. Sean Penn is a self-important douchebag too (come to think of it, most of them are), but at least he can act. Rourke is just a mumbleclown. The only thing interesting about him is his plastic surgery addiction. Even his little dogs suck. Get a real dog, bitch!

Ha ha ha.
hmmm...carnivore, a little rough on ole mickey i think. let me list a few for you....BODY HEAT (stole the scenes from william hurt), RUMBLE FISH, DINER, POPE OF GREENWICH VILLAGE, ANGEL HEART, more recently...SIN CITY, THE PLEDGE, another rodriguez film where he starred with his pooch, ONCE UPON A TIME IN MEXICO, PRAYER FOR THE DYING...many others including 91/2 WEEKS. those are only the ones i remember. come on..the guy's got game. best actor was a tough category and he had every right to be there.

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