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I'm looking for the source of the quote 'these words I write keep me from total madness'. I've read it was sent as a note to someone but I can't find out much else. Is the note quoting one of his books/poems or is it original to the note? Also who was the note sent to and how were they associated with Bukowski?

Any help would be greatly appreciated
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this drawing (or 'doodle' as it is called) is sometimes referred to as the 'little man drawing' and Bukowski used it quite often in correspondence or when signing.

The one I am using is the one he drew for Benno Kaesmayr of MaroVerlag and goes along with a famous quote. Here it is in full:

Thanks for that

Could you tell me who Benno Kaesmayr is please? And also what MaroVerlag is? Is Bukowski quoting any of his novels or poems there as well, or was it written specially for Benno?

I'm sorry if you've heard all this before by the way, but I'm new to this

Thanks for your help
Maro Verlag is a German publisher. Benno Kasmayr is one of the founders. I believe that they published Bukowski's first German translations.

I don't believe the line appears in any of his poems or stories, but I can't be sure that he hadn't used it on more than this one occasion. The note roni posted found its way onto the web some years ago, and this is probably why its so well known today.

Maro Verlag: German Wiki Link, translated.
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The main facts are already given.

Benno Käsmayr (or Kaesmayr if your keyboard isn't German) is the founder of (and still running) the small German publishing house MaroVerlag.

In the early 70s, there was only one Bukowski-book translated into German: the 'Notes of a Dirty Old Man'. But none of the big publishers wanted to take the risk to publish Bukowski-poems. They considered it unreadable and not suitable for the German market.

Benno took the chance and published the first book of Buk-poems in German: THIS one. ('Poems written before jumping out of an 8th story window') He almost got bankrupt with this project. It was not before over a half year was over, when a positive review in a pupolar magazine gave the sales a big hit.

Next he published three books of short-stories by Buk (based on 'Erections'). Hank signed a bunch of these books for Benno individually, each with a different aphorism and a drawing.
The quote is one of them.

... and here are 2 others of the same series: [1] / [2]
This quote has always given me calm in the storm. The reasons for that were not clear when I read it for the first time in my early twenties. I only knew that once I read it, I felt more at ease, more comfortable in my own skin. I had a sense that this writer understood aspects of my personhood that the average person wasn't going to understand. With every year that passes this quote has deeper, broader meaning.

My perspective on this quote comes down to this: He knew that without engaging in our creative outlets, without using our gifts, we were all bound for madness. Our creative process is what connects us to whatever we consider to be our source of life: Buddha, God, Jesus, the physical universe, the wilderness, animals, water, fire, poetry, music, on and on. Whatever that source is, remaining connected to it allows us to navigate through life's oceans in any condition.

For Bukowski, it was writing. "These words I write keep me from total madness." Yes. Yes, they do.

I have gone through this thread several times over the past couple of years. I pick up something new, something I didn't notice previously, every time I read it. Thank you to everyone who has contributed here. You've been a part of my finding calm in the storm. ❤️

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