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Greetings, fellow Bukowski fans,

I'm pleased to be a part of this community. Being new here, I've noticed some pretty neat stuff already. It's Bukowski heaven up in here! I have an unconditional love for all of you, and respect the effort many of you have put into studying and researching the man in question.

I remember listening to either an interview or a tape in which Charles said something along the lines: I keep my eyes shut so that people wouldn't know what I'm thinking.

All I ask is for either the interview, or some sort of hint as to where he might have said it.

Thank you very much! I'll be waiting to see some replies.

Best Regards,
It's Bukowski heaven up in here!
It is, you're right.

But here's a pro tip: No one called Bukowski "Charles." Not even his parents. They called him Henry (because that was his name). He signed everything Charles Bukowski, and used it (his middle name) as a writer, but he didn't go by Charles. He told the people he knew (and met) to call him Hank.

For what it's worth, your quote doesn't ring a bell with me either.
Don't recall the quote either. Only bell that rings is a Notes column where he picks up a woman from the street and she asks him why he does not look her in the eyes, if he's afraid and he answers that he does not like peoples eyes (paraphrased from memory).
Update: I found the excerpt after re-listening to 6 hours of interviews and searching through some of his books! It was said in "Hot Water Music." story titled Harry Ann Landers.

“Oh, that…”
“A washed-up Spanish bullfighter, wasn’t it?”
“With the most beautiful eyes. Not like yours. Nobody can see your eyes.”

“I don’t want anybody to see my eyes.”
“Why not?”
“If they saw what I was thinking, I couldn’t fool them.”
“So, you’ve phoned to tell me you’re running with blinkers on?”
“You know that. What I called for is to tell you that Paul wants to come back. Does that help you in any way?”

Special Note: thank you all for trying to help! It means a lot! You think him keeping his eyes shut was the reason he won those firefighters at cards, in the poem Fire Station?

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I do recall Buk mentioning elsewhere about the eyes being narrowed to slits to hide the pain in them. His own eyes do sometimes appear veiled by his heavy lids. Those eyes that made spot-on observations. "I have never met a man with eyes as beautiful as that dog."

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