Thomas Schmitt Documentary from 1977 or 1978 (1 Viewer)

The youtube is plum full of Bukowski content, but I cannot find a complete version of the Thomas Schmitt Documentary (only see bits and pieces in other documentaries). I realise it was available in European DVD format a decade ago. This contains quite a bit of Pamela Miller, and would really like to see the whole thing.
Do you have an IMDB link?
Trevor, it's amazing the quantity of Bukowski albums on youtube now, since this forum was started. Also, a number of European documentaries, with a Swedish one circa 1985 - one of my favourites . I'm surprised the Thomas Schmitt documentary is not on youtube. Yet. It interests me more than others because it was during Bukowski's Pamela Miller phase. She is and was an interesting person, and the interview excerpts are good.

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