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Thunder Road: A letterpress chapbook

Announcing a joint venture from synaesthesia press, LeadGraffiti and Bottle of Smoke Press.

A limited edition letterpress chapbook that reprints British author Nick Hornby's 2003 essay on Thunder Road with the lyrics from the iconic song by Bruce Springsteen. Designed with a dual spine, the essay opens on the left and a broadside containing the lyrics unfolds on the right.

There are 26 lettered hardbound copies. All lettered copies are signed by Nick Hornby on his essay and by Bruce Springsteen on the broadside. $225 each, shipping included.

There are 200 numbered copies in wraps. All numbered copies in wraps are signed by Nick Hornby on his essay. $60 each, shipping included.

Concept by Mark Cashion and Jim Camp.

Text designed and printed in Los Angeles at synaesthesia press by Jim Camp. Visit the press at

Covers designed, printed and bound in Newark, DE, by Bill Roberts of Bottle of Smoke Press, Ray Nichols/Jill Cypher of Lead Graffiti, and Mark Cashion. The cover illustration is by Jill Cypher. Visit their presses at and

All proceeds from the sale of this book, as well as the materials, design and production costs, have been donated to TreeHouse, a school in London dedicated to educating children with autism. Treehouse is Ambitious about Autism. Find out more at

We are not accepting payment for these yet and all sales (not just the profits, but 100% of the sales price) will be donated to charity. We are still in the process of setting up a way to have buyers pay the charity directly. Please e-mail me at [email protected] if you want to buy a copy and we'll hold one for you. We have announced this to just a few people and so we only have 8 hardcovers left to sell. Mark & I wanted to give the members on this forum a chance at this release, if interested. The paperback edition, Signed by Hornby, will sell out very fast, but the hardcover edition, signed by Hornby & Springsteen will sell out well in advance of the release date.

We are about two weeks from being able to ship this book.

The Hardcovers signed by both Nick Hornby & Bruce Springsteen are sold out. Everyone that emailed me to hold a copy are good. We will take a few names for a wait list. It is always possible that someone will back out. The paper copies are still available, but will likely go fast once these are announced on the Springsteen boards, etc...

that post makes me a little jealous about how many times we get turned down by people we're looking to publish - this chapbook is an amazing venture, but the idea that you could just send a letter to bruce springsteen's manager and receive a contract in the mail in return boggles my mind. i have a hard enough time getting artists who have literally never been published before even to email me back, let alone tell me they're not interested in having chance press publish their work.

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