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Tight Black Pants is a poem from Sifting through the Madness. I wonder if anybody knows where it first appeared (under a different title, maybe). In the German book Gedichte die einer schrieb...(1974) Carl Weissner's translation of that particular poem indicates, that the version that he had then wasn't quite the same as the one in Sifting.
There is no clue in the database, but it doesn't hurt to ask.
the German book Gedichte die einer schrieb...(1974)
In said book, the title of the poem is 'Sieger', which means "Winner".
Though the database gives two poems titled 'The winner', neither of them seems to be the one.

I'm too lazy to go through all possible sources for the poem now, but if you feel like it - THESE would be them:

- Poems written before jumping out of an 8 story window
- The days run away ...
- At terror street ...

and the magazines:
- Wormwood Review,
- Klacto/23
- Iconolatre
- Sixpack
- Nola Express

One of them will have it.

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