Trace 1961 ( full year) review of Bukowski's first book plus Targets Offprint verification. (1 Viewer)

I recently received Trace 1961 ( full year, hardbound, I believe 6 issues) which contained a Book review of Bukowski's first book--which I was expecting when I purchased this. But what I wasn't anticipating was corroboration of the controversial Targets signature/ offprints that some claimed were fabricated . Perhaps some were to dupe the unwary but some--according to what I read on Page 220--were issued ( see photos). It reads (under the heading titled ", issues received):
" TARGETS endures. . . The editors seek large groups of poems from individual poets , for future 'signatures' sections, for which payment is $10, plus 10 copies, plus offprints"
Note also on this page the mention of Longshot Poems ( misspelled) : " SEVEN POETS Press offers it's first book : LONGSHOT POEMS For Broke Players, illustr. By Author Charles Bukowski ( $1)--also reveals THE ASP ( an anthology of taped poems read by their authors , available for loan)."
I'd love to find a copy of the taped poems--probably Bukowski's first tape recording ever?
Also in this volume ( on page 147) is a quote from an article by John William Corrington ' 'There are no firm footholds in creation, ' says Charles Bukowski. . .
I love that early Buk quote
Actually the whole volume makes for fascinating reading. 247 pages plus " Indexed Contents" and " by authors of books reviewed"
Hope you enjoy.
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probably Bukowski's first tape recording ever?
If he recorded something for that it would be the earliest know recording by a year (predating the KPFK recording of 1962). But I don't read that mention as necessarily including Bukowski, it's just something from the same press. And there are no mentions of recordings in his published letters from 1960-61. He doesn't mention recording until 1966.

If it included Bukowski (and if it was ever really made - small presses often announced things that never came to be) I'd think it would have surfaced by now. But you never know. There are things out there in dusty boxes that no one has seen for a long time. Even if most of those boxes end up in landfills I think we'll continue to see "unknown" things for quite some time.

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