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  1. hi, one and all...

    i'm new to this whole forum thing but i'm trying to find like-minded folk who might be interested in getting together in the UK (i live in Devon) to live, breathe and share our love for the old man.

    any takers?

  2. PhillyDave

    PhillyDave “The essential doesn't change.” Beckett Redwood Original Unholy Ones

    Never been across the pond and don't have any plans in the near future unfortunately... Welcome anyway.
  3. Thanks my friend. Not sure if the big Man's work has spread this far but I'll do my very best to make a dent.
  4. If there's some way of making an event out of it then I might be up for it.
  5. Might I
  6. I'm thinking of setting up some sort of poetry night in south london... if you fancy taking a trip up to the big smoke, let me know.
  7. Hi..fellow Brit...retired to Vietnam....constantly inspired to write by the 'Buk'......nice ice-cream in Devon.
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