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Miss Take
oh boyee.

maybe i should be concerned that my ten year old is the one who showed me this shit, but if you haven't seen them already from the Jimmy Kimmel show they are so funny.

i'll put a couple here but they are, of course, all over youtube:

I liked the Mr Rodgers one.

Then again I liked cake farts
and pudding farts, so don't go by what I say:



Just as the chunk blew out of the lady's ass at the end of Pudding Farts my browser crashed. I think that was my computer's way of throwing up. Thanks Father Luke. I think that you might be in need of some parental control.

I wonder what the Cake Farts lady can do with those tootsie-roll pops on the counter.
Yes - always appreciated Kimmel's show for these !

I think he does them on Fridays (or is it Thursdays?)

Condoleeza Rice, Anna Nicole Smith, and Tony LaRussa were some of my favs...
I grow increasingly worried about what other horrors might lurk in Father Luke's favourites, and in his mind.
always one upped by Father Luke, i am.

also, talking like yoda.

i like the sesame street segment where they are on the plane. that one made me laugh so hard i got tears.

also, gerard, your signature is making me laugh.

I got your censorship. This is the un censored bottle is right next to it on the shelf.

oh boyee.

maybe i should be concerned that my ten year old is the one who showed me this shit


I laughed out loud... but I'm trying to imagine how a ten year old would fill in the empty spaces, unless they have already gone cosmic and enjoy the spaces as spaces, as in some form of prebescent (if that's a word) internet samadhi. In any event, it's hard not to laugh at the videos with the Sesame St characters! Perhaps absence makes the obscene grow fonder.

Best wishes.
a few times he just said.... 'i don't get that one'.

i didn't explain.

Someday you will be drinking with that kid. Or worse, someday and soon, he will go on your computer check history and he will read your interactions with our dear Father Luke. Now that is LOL funny. My kids could run a computer inside out and backwards at 10. So, when vodka Jr. goes in and finds the cake farts you'll know what I'm talking about.

Password protected is the key.;)

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