Unpublished 1957 story , "A Dollar for Carl Larsen" (1 Viewer)

A few pages from an unpublished, illustrated 1957 story on PBA--not all the pages are posted on PBA.

Buk 1.jpg

Buk 2.jpg

Buk 3.jpg
I moved this out of the unpublished and uncollected forum because it's incomplete.

Also - a note to everyone - no need to post the manuscripts that are complete here. I've already got them, and they will go into the manuscripts section of the main site.
It looks like Buk's drawing style was already fully developed in 1957 at a time when his first book was 3 years away from being published (Flower, fist..).
Thanks (a lot!) for sharing this story, David.

By the way, I was checking the sources in Portions from a Wine-stained Notebook recently and apparently there's no source for the story The Night Nobody Believed I Was Allen Ginsberg. Would you be so kind as to tell us where this story came from? Johannes posted a letter Bukowski had written to Karl Weissner stating that TNNBIWAG has been sent to Playboy in early 1969, so that thread would be a great place to post the source of the story.
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Zobraks, thanks for catching that. "The Night Nobody Believed I Was Allen Ginsberg" appeared in Berkeley Tribe, Vol. 1, No. 11, Sept. 19-25, 1969, p. 12.

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