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Hi, friends
I was looking for the absent of the hero (just the intro that I found on Internet)
And I catched this one:

"Ah, Liberation, Liberty, Lilies on the moon!"

An unpublished essay.

Someone knows something about that?

And a second one,
In Harlequin vol. 2 n*1 if I' not wrong: there was 10 poems and 1 story:
"The rapist's story",
Is that the first story about transgressive sexual things?
Io was really published before Lolita (Navokov)?
What's the meaning of that?

Thanks a lot
And if someone has the writings mentioned lines before, it'll be great to socialize them...

And if someone has the writings mentioned lines before, it'll be great to socialize them...
If by "socialize" you mean make available for free, no, that wouldn't be great, and we wouldn't allow a link to it here. What would be great is if you just bought the book.
What I really want is to know a little more about Bukowski and bukowski's writings.

And of course I can buy the book, but remember that out of the US is a little difficult do that (specially if you live in Perou, that it's my case)...
I made others questions...
What about those?

Thanks mjp, and don't get ungry...
That's would be great.

I'm not sure which part of my reply was ungry, but I'm almost always ungry, so that's just a problem I have to live with. But, you know, when I get too ungry I just eat some food and drink a little Kentucky Bourbon. You probably don't have that in Perou. I mean, if you don't have mailboxes, I can't imagine you have Kentucky Bourbon. For that, I'm sorry. But you could always move here, to America. We let anybody in. Then you could have your own mailbox, an endless supply of Kentucky Bourbon and a pretty girl. All the things you can't get now, in Perou.

Let me know when you're arriving, I'll send someone meet you. Either hoochmonkey9 or Ponder. They are both thirsty much of the time, so they will lead you directly to Kentucky Bourbon. The pretty girl you'll have to buy yourself.

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