What do you think CB would think about this Forum? (1 Viewer)



He'd be proud of? He'd give a rat's ass? He'd read any single post, seek to meet its members in real life, arrange gatherings, etc?
...and we'd frolic and laugh and he'd say, "Jan was a good fuck", and we'd toast 'to Jan', with a clink of glass and amber.
This could be his heaven...and parts could be his hell. I hope he doesn't kick my ass in the spirit world, in case he sees that I don't quite get it.
the whole medium of forum posting and fandom would abhor him...is my serious answer

although I'd hope we could at least make the old guy smile
I don't think he would even come and look here. I don't think he'd care. Thants my serious answer for waht it's worth to the 'fisherman'.
And butt f... all of you guys until you'd scream uncle from your balconies

not for nothing, but I don't know about that butt f...
Maybe he'd have gotten a kick out of it. He did use the computer to write, so in the internet age, had he gotten to see it, he might have toyed around with the written forum. Not necessarily this one, dedicated to him... but who knows?
To hell with Buk I want to hang with Penelope and her girlfriends!!!

That said, Father Luke that line made me laugh out loud here at work and I had 3 women come into the office to ask whats so funny.
I had to say I can't tell you but there this priest in California going to hell for sure

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