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Most 'people' are idiots! that goes without saying MJP I would have thought you knew that by now.
Yes I chewed apart a generation, as have most others on this thread! Nothing I said on this board was untrue,
Yet here you are chewing me (check me with the fancy italics) for being honest and proving me right in the process, So thanks chief ;)

BTW what is your take on how Buk would have gone down in todays PC Society? Would he have even bothered?
I'm not attempting to deflect anything, I was merely pointing out that guys like Ewok get a lot of shit on here and while some of his statements might be misguided, he strikes me as harmless, yet people still love to stick the knife in. Of course I knew posting that would draw negative attention in my direction but I did it anyway. If thats your definition of cowardice then so be it. This thread is full of grouchy old men, but at least its authentic, thats one of the many things I like about this forum. Whats more befitting of Bukowski then grumpy old men?

So do you think Bukowski would have died off and been left behind or do you think he would have changed with the times and possibly censored himself?
I guess it's all what ifs anyway... So we'll never know, but I do wonder what he would have written if he saw the world in its current state today.
do you think he would have changed with the times and possibly censored himself?
He already answered that for you too.

He grew up in the 20s and 30s, and wrote into the 90s. That spans one of the greatest times of change in the history of people. Did he change his underlying message in that time?

The term "politically correct" (as you're applying it) started being used in the 70s. So he wrote into a vast sea of political correctness for 20 years. Did he censor himself?
It's reassuring to know he probably wouldn't have censored himself. I guess the question would be whether John Martin, who already famously censored Bukowski as it is (a crime you have covered extensively if I recall rightly), would even bother publishing Bukowski knowing the onslaught of hysteria it would provoke from the 'Politically Correct' masses running rampant online.
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Tech/industrial progress doesn't equate to the progress of humanity as a whole. There are just faster and easier methods that will dissemanate to a much broader audience one's idiocy or mediocrity. You can re-invent the wheel as many times as you like, but there is still usually an asshole steering it.
Tech/industrial progress doesn't equate to the progress of humanity as a whole.
Women in America couldn't vote until two days after Bukowski was born. He was 45 years old before black people could vote in the south without staring into a shotgun barrel as they tried to enter the polling place.

The year I was born the Andy Griffith Show and My Three Sons were the top shows on TV. Leave it to Beaver was on every day after school. 11 years later, everyone in America was watching All in the Family. Four years after that, Saturday Night Live (which was actually culturally subversive then).

We went from people lining up to join the military after Pearl Harbor to hippies burning their draft cards in front of the Washington monument in a span of only 25 years.

The average kid working behind the counter of a coffee shop now could have been a sideshow attraction in the freak tent 50 years ago.

Is that progress? For some. It's certainly change. So the 20th century wasn't just about technology moving quickly. Everything moved (relatively) quickly. A lot of you are old enough to remember the 60s and 70s, and the feeling back then was that everything was changing. It was more likely nothing but a swing of the pendulum, but shit was crazy, and shit felt crazy all the time.

As far as political correctness is concerned, only old white men use the term "politically correct," and we're nearing extinction. Or at least the end of our reign of terror. Later in the century we're living in right now, white rule will end virtually everywhere, and then you won't have to worry about people chiding you for being racist or sexist. They won't care because your opinion won't matter anymore.

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Aiieee, boy....this coffee is really strong. It's making my typing fingers work overtime. You couldn't get coffee like this in the 50s!

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