Where's the Golden Horn???

Hank and Frank's
Smog Cutter (was there recently. Fucking brilliant bar.)
Silver Platter (I think it's a gay bar...it wasn't entirely clear.)
Where are these? I'll be in LA next month.

a gay bar? Ah! That explains everything!

the sunset -- ?

the hollyway -- ?

the kenmore -- now Bhalli Discount Store, 3702 W 3rd Street and S Kenmore Ave

craby joe -- closed, 656 S Main Street

the golden horn -- now a parking lot, Main and Washington, Culver City (torn down soon after movie was made)

the oasis -- ?

snug harbor -- ?? There's one at 5520 Del Amo Boulevard, Lakewood (not the same one, but a dive nonetheless)

silver platter -- 2700 W 7th St

frank and hank -- 518 South Western Ave.

sideshow -- ?

catalina yoshiko's -- Catalina Jazz Club at 6725 West SUNSET Blvd. (not sure, probably wrong)

ski room -- now The Bar, 5851 Sunset Blvd.

boulevard inn -- ?

smog cutter -- 864 North Virgil Avenue

Any and all help completing this list would be greatly appreciated... I know Buk didn't go to these places but they are a slice of LA and LA film history...

Here's a map of the known locations...


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You linked to a map of 3rd and Kenmore, which is miles from Culver City. I'm not sure what you think you found...
Shit- I don't know what happened with that link. Try again..

This picture depicts Big Ed's, which, one can see, is right next to Hotel Adams, which I come to find out was used in part with Gone With The Wind (read left column- yes, the munchkins apparently stayed there), which states that address as 3896 Main Street, Culver City. Then, I look at the picture of Big Ed's, what's that cross street? Main. It should have been here.

I'm convinced so far that this is the location. Due to my error, it may seem as though I haven't done my homework, but I've checked this website, following yr feeds, for some time, all the while doing my own investigating; the picture of Big Ed's was a big piece to the puzzle. This is where it led me.


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It may be the location, but what used to be the Golden Horn is a parking lot now, so it's kind of a moot point.


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If anyone wants to see those bars, only Smog Cutter and Silver Platter are still there (and Jumbo's Clown Room - wasn't that in that opening montage? I don't see it in the list). The bar they filmed in is gone, the hotel they filmed a lot of stuff in is gone. The apartment by MacArthur park is still there...

Barbet would have had a list (and Polaroids) of every location they scouted and used. There is probably a lot of interesting information in the production materials. Depends on how much of that stuff they saved. In the mid 80s there wasn't an aftermarket for those things like there is now, so a lot of it was just tossed into dumpsters after production.

hank solo

Just practicin' steps and keepin' outta the fights
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In the short montage at the end there's a another bar called Firefly.

For sake of completeness, here's a list of the bars in the end credits:

(Golden Horn)
Craby Joe's
Boulevard Inn
Ski Room

As a fan of Charles Bukowski and the film Barfly (and Factotum), I've been directed here via "Where's The Longhorn in Barfly?" I wouldn't doubt some of you have found your way here just the same. Anyway, after reading through some of these, I must say you guys have really done your homework. And had fun doing it, it seems. My favorite sections have to be the bar locations from the opening and closing credits, as well as what seems to be the actual former location or the Longhorn. I was really surprised- I thought this stuff would definitely be lost to history. Lo and behold, I watch Barfly and Factotum last night, and here I am. Happy to have found this, keep up the good work.
Ski room was my favorite bar (hence my handle), became Rajis at some point in the early 90's. Boulevard Inn was between Vermont and Normandie, if I remember. Another great bar was The Gaslight, hidden off Cosmo Lane in Hollywood. Boardners was another legendary bar. Too many.... spent way too much time in them.


Never heard of S&S before, but I googled the show and read this hilarious trivia:
A running gag throughout the series was that whenever Lamont threatened to move out or whenever things did not go Fred's way, Fred would clutch his chest and fake having a heart attack, shouting out variations of "Hear that Elizabeth? I'm coming to join you honey!", yet in each and every instance, no one would fall for his ruse. Ironically, this running gag would years later be blamed for Redd Foxx's death (from a real heart attack) in 1991, during filming of the series The Royal Family (1991), where no one took his legitimate complaints of chest pains seriously until it was too late to save his life.
Same thing happened to Dick Shawn (LSD from the Producers). He collapsed onstage at a performance and
laid (lay?) there for apparently several minutes before they realized it wasn't part of the act. He died, of course.
Now go to bed children, for soon Santa will be here.
Good day-

I found a few other mentions of both Adams Hotel and Big Ed's, the more well-documented of the two findings being an episode of "Hunter." I found this particular episode on Youtube, but the quality is shit, but that's alright because someone documented the entire episode on a Tumblr account:

I also checked a few sources for old layouts of this specific block, but that was also choppy. Oh well!

Also this episode:

This episode on Youtube is much better quality than the one above, and also has a nice walk around the building, as well as a view of the front! Plus, there is some footage of what is probably the same back alley from the Henry/Eddie fights, although it isn't recognizable in correlation to the movie scenes. Bonus anyway, fuck it

[Dead video link.]


big ed's.jpg