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In 1953 B. tells J. Crews that he has just met Knauff and has taken her to the races:

crews 1953.jpg

Five years later, he asks Nomad editors to send a copy of the magazine to Knauff:

linick sept 1958.jpg

Knauff was clearly not a one-night stand nor one of the apparently many hookers B. met in the early days. But after the 1958 letter she kind of vanished into thin air. Odd.
Yes, I think we talked about her a while ago, but did we mention the Crews bit? That five-year gap did call my attention.
Just stumbled over this in my research of Jane Cooney Baker.

The letter is collected now in " On Writing ", page 9.

" Met Janet Knauff yesterday. She has met you. Took her to the races."

It was written in late 1953.

But it `s mentioned in several sources that B. started with the horses after the stay in the charity ward of LA Country which was as we discovered in 1954 (all the biographys mentioned even 1955).

It was an avdice from Jane to play the horses to killing time, because the doctors said if he ever drank again it would kill him....

Seems to be just another myth.....
There are a few places I could put this comment or I could start a new thread but... my god, pretty much every time I read Buk or come here I'm astounded by how prolific he was. And even though everything wasn't awesome (that's impossible considering how prolific he was) he always wrote with great style. Preaching to the converted here I know but some days... just wow. I've been rereading one of the BSP letters collections (Screams From the Balcony) and loving it again and again and again....

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