a painting in 'Bukowski-style', eh? (1 Viewer)

There's a painting by artist Mike Kelley, that immediately reminded me of some Bukowskis:


of course, Buk wouldn't paint the eyes like these.
More like so:



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I know it's not very nice to say anything bad about someone who has recently died. Especially a suicide, but I have always disliked Kelley. Hank's painting is so far superior to his.
I don't know anything about this guy. Didn't even know, he was dead. I just stepped over the painting and immediately thought of Hank.


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It is indeed very reminiscent of a Bukowski painting. So much so, in fact, that I have to think it may have been "inspired" by a Bukowski painting.

Which goes to show one of two things; either Bukowski should have been recognized as a fine artist, or Kelly should not have been.


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It's like he was copying a Buk painting but then "improved" it for popular consumption by adding those eyes (which look like they need some Visine). I know squat about Mike Kelley, but the eyes seem like a gimmick to me.

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Maybe he got the eyes from the German outsider artist, August Natterer: Mein Augen zur Zeit der Erscheinungen. "My eyes at the moment of the apparitions." But who influenced the smile?

(i couldn't seem to transfer/download/upload/ship the image to here otherwise i would 'ave. ok.)


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Yes, they are very similar to the eyes of that German painter. In a photo I found, his eyes are hanging on a wall all by themselves, and not plunked into a another painting. That seems to work better.


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And speaking of paintings of eyes, I hear a film is being made about one of my favorite wacky artists, Margaret Keane, she of the big eyed children, with Kate Hudson playing MK.

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