Age - Ole 1 - 1964 (1 Viewer)

Just found this on eBay: Ole 1, 1964 with a poem "age" which has been altered in The People Look Like Flowers at Last.

Just found this on eBay [...]
that's an auction by one of our regulars.

I was wondering before:
how about everyone of us who has good-quality-scans of such things and puts them on ebay anyway, sharing said pics here too so there aren't several people here in need to go through all ebay-listings frequently in order to find and save these by themselfes?

It would be nice to get Scott jump in on this attemt too. ;-))
Again, the scans of the old publications are wonderful, keep them coming.

But also again, please, no more scans of pages of books that are published by HarperCollins/Ecco/Black Sparrow (or any other big, current publisher).

You can make a comparison by posting the image of the original publication and then quoting lines or stanzas from the HC/E/BSP books. That's just as effective as scanning the actual pages of the books.

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