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I have to confess that I had no unpublished animal poems on hand when the request for manuscripts was made, so I played the nostalgia card and tapped into my memories of old Tarzan films. I have a weakness for elephants, tigers, hippos and other jungle beasts. Bless the Beasts and Children, as old dead Karen once sang.
I'm glad you both liked it. With the first issue I just posted them in brown envelopes, but this time around I went for bubble wrap envelopes to try and add protection. The other option was to use hard backed envelopes, but I figured they didn't offer much protection. Really sorry to hear your copies got some bending Dave. I know for hardback books most publishers use those clever book boxes, but for chap books what does everyone recommend?

Steve saved my arse/ass by helping out with a couple of great illustrations. The elephant one blends really well with McGuire's poem, to the point where it looks almost as if they were penned by the same mind.

About half the copies have sold so far, but I've only really promoted it in a few places. The charity are selling some copies locally, and when I return to the UK next week I'll have some more face to face buyers. It's been a tough challenge balancing the quality of the finished pack with the aim of raising money for the charity, but I'm happy with what we've achieved.
I ran this past Mr. Lally and he gave it the ok...

I want to help out the Gozo SPCA and offer the 2 original drawings I did for the charity Stew and the 1 I did for the first Stew for sale. $15 each. all proceeds going to the charity.

elephant!.JPGmonkey!.JPGstaying in1.JPG

Lally's paypal is

the at is@, of course.
for chapbooks, i use board mailers or paper envelopes with a chipboard insert to stiffen them. bubble envelopes can be dicey, since rigidity is what is important when shipping a chapbook (not protecting it from getting crushed or broken).
the best thing about being away for ten days? coming home to mail.

opened this yesterday, great stuff.
Just got mine yesterday and have been too busy with my insane meltdown life to look at it, but it arrived safely.

The worst thing that I've had happened to a book in the mail is a stiff cardboard envelop that got stuck in some infernal Post Office machine and had a deep hole ground into it, through the cardboard, through the book cover, and into the first few pages. Through some miracle, no text was harmed, and it was still readable, but no longer in primo "collector condition". Thanks, Post Office.
Hooch, I'm glad your copy finally arrived. Black Swan received hers way before you, and she ordered quite a bit after you. Perhaps the Canadian authorities were enjoying your copy too much to send it on to you.

I'd be interested to know what you think David when things calm down a bit. I'm glad it arrived safely anyway.

It's all been chaotic for me with returning to England, so I haven't really tried to sell this too much. Out of the 90 copies I think I still have about 30 left, so if anyone still wants a copy let me know.

Thanks again to everyone who has supported this

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