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So I haven't been on here for a long time. Therefore, it is very cheeky of me to turn up and use this space to request submissions for a DIY/Punk zine I'm putting together. But I'm a whore and will get it any way I can.

So far the likes of Father Luke, Jenifer Wills and Colin McGuire will be present. The submission criteria is vague (as many people have pointed out) but this is in the hope people will surprise me with some filth and fury.

Here's the posting I've been putting on every lamp post I can find (I may already have emailed you this, but it's always worth checking twice before calling the police)...


So I've swung the doors open to a 28 day publication challenge. Basically, the first issue will be poetry and illustration/doodles. This will be a low budget/punk type affair. You will continue to own the rights to your work, but it'll be a chance to get your work seen in print.

I'm going to cover the cost of printing and posting for all those who are successful in their submissions, then depending on demand I may have to work out a small charge for additional copies.

Send me your poetry in the body of an email and illustrations/doodles as an attachment to...

[email protected]

I will be keeping a diary and photographic account of this speedy project, which will be available at The completed zine will be posted by the 29th October (barring death or liquidation)

If you have any questions please let me know, otherwise remember this is a quick turnaround and submissions must reach me by midnight (UK time) on the 19th October. This is a trial affair, but I'd appreciate the help in this one.

Mr L
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send as much or as little as you want. I'm excited by the submissions I've had so far, though having spent the afternoon drinking in various bars I may be imagining that. I also found out the tattoo artist I want to use has a 5 month waiting list...better be worth it.

Basically, if I like the work I'll squeeze it in

ok, so it's a week until the deadline. Please don't be put off by my shitey website, I'm not very tech, more oldschool (typewriter, analogue 4-track, horse and cart) kind of guy.

Send send send
I found out today I live in the most Godless town in Britain, which puts me in good stead for this project. I've had lots of submissions from members on here for which I'm eternally grateful.

However, being the whore I am, I want more.

Deadline is sneaking up, try to slip something in before then.

Many thanks

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