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In January I fond a Canon DSLR that my sister bought and never used. For two weeks I was taking photography's 5-6 hours a day learning the triangle, just stuff I saw around the house. It only lasted two weeks, I'm learning watercolor painting. I planned on keep this going, but... planning was never for me, I'm impulsive. This are the pictures I've taken.

autumn flower.jpg
dead sunflower.jpg
granitic beam.jpg
old tools.jpg
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all the empty buildings, factories etc. after they had their use. Abandoned America. I'm sure Matthew Christopher will have lots to photograph when he can get out a little more. When I see construction & it's something like a new strip mall in the suburbs I refer to it as building ghosts. Even if the buildings remain standing, their use and/or need seems to disappear into the mist quickly.

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that was one of my favourite things to do as a kid and even as an adult - until the thought of getting caught as
an adult was too embarrassing and risky.

a few weeks after starting this painting of an old factory some of the workers walking past me said "you know they're
tearing it down in a couple of months?" - after everyone vacated i could walk inside and through the spaces you can
see through the windows. it was amazing and surreal, as if i was entering the painting. there was one of those old
coffee dispensing machines - that drop the paper cup - in the hallway that still worked and i'd get a coffee to have
while i sat outside and painted it. the place was a ghost town, just me and the whole place to myself.

i probably spent 3 months sitting outside as it turned from fall to winter finishing it.


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