Seen any good movies lately?


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It's not a really good trailer, but it is a really cool movie. Melville's neo-noir/proto new wave flick. It's out of print. Borrowed this from the library.

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I watched the remake of "Papillon". It's not as good as the original movie but if you forget about the original it's not too bad, although it's difficult for the two main actors, Charlie Hunnam and Rami Malek, to compete with mega-stars like Steve McQueen and Dustin Hoffman who played the parts in the original movie. It's no doubt a fairly low budget movie but still watchable and much more brutal than the original.
Léon: The Professional
Definitely. I'm such a sucker for that one.
Most people don't get, that it's not (primarily) an action-movie, but a sensible [or is the correct English word "sensitive"?], innocent love-story.

It's totally different a thing from "Lucy" though.

(And, a propos de Luc Besson: I never was a fan of "The 5th Element" or "The Big Blue", sorry.)
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I've had the 133 minute version of Léon sitting here for years, but for some reason I've never watched it. I'll have to do that now. See what they put back into the story with those extra 25 minutes.
the additions are a bit "revealing" concerning their relationship, yes, but not that important.
It's been a true Love-Story from the beginning with the first theatre-version as well. But one needs to be a softie to see that.
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“The essential doesn't change.” Beckett
Just came from seeing Suspiria. Very fucked up. So weird. I liked it.


Where do i begin? A redo/remake of an old Italian horror movie by Argento. Never saw any of his stuff. May have to.
Hadn't seen the marvelous movie "CRASH" in about 10 years, but felt - tonight - like watching the high-emotional End-scene and looked for it on youtube. No chance for a decent version.

So I had to take the task on my own.
After all, it's not only about me, but GIVING. right?
I cut and edited and converted and uploaded this moving scene, so you have it:



“The essential doesn't change.” Beckett
It was Scorsese's born day this weekend so I watched Mean Streets & I saw 2001 in the theatre. Good weekend. .

Yesterday night on German TV. One of the main characters, Robert Walker, died a month after the movie premiere, 32 yrs old.

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The author of Strangers on a Train in a nice little interview in German. It's from 1974 when she lived in the French countryside. Highsmith talks about her love for snails and why she prefers to live in Europe.


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Apparently Highsmith smuggled her own snails into Europe under her breasts. For one who reportedly love snails so much you would think France the last place you would take your beloved gastropods.
Just watched Deadpool 2 (#1 wasn't available) for the first time.
Yes, it is childish, but also funny.

Since we know, there's a sick freak-fan for Everything on the net, willing to post any available information on his/her subject, make databases and lists etc, I'll have to ask: Do you know if anybody on the web has published a list of the many inside-jokes and references to other movies, comics, music, pop-thingies of all kind?
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Just came from seeing Suspiria. Very fucked up. So weird. I liked it. Where do i begin? A redo/remake of an old Italian horror movie by Argento. Never saw any of his stuff. May have to.

I watched Deep Red, Tenebrae, and Inferno on back-to-back-to-back nights last month under the influence of 10 mg THC sodas. His stuff is lights out. Very gory. Bourdain was dating Argento's daughter when he passed away. Have not seen the remake.

I watched Uncle Howard a few weeks ago. Howard Brookner did the Burroughs doc in the early 80s (solid). He died of complications from AIDS in the late 80s. Fast forward thirty years. What is pretty wild is his nephew goes back to The Bunker in NYC where Burroughs lived in the late 70s and everything is just sitting there in the apartment like the day Burroughs moved out. It is in The Bunker where the nephew finds a lot of footage his father was working on before he died.



“The essential doesn't change.” Beckett
Yeah, i saw. & liked that doc but preferred & liked a whole lot more the doc his uncle did BURROUGHS. I have the Criterion edition with really informative extras. Really the Uncle Howard doc could have been part of the BURROUGHS supplements. Loved all the footage of Jarmusch in there too . He's a favorite director.
My lady was telling me Jarmusch plays the guy running the Tastee Freeze in Sling Blade. I liked Gimme Danger with Iggy. The original Burroughs is rock solid. I read Literary Outlaw by Morgan 20 years ago then read Call Me Burroughs (my first ebook) two years ago. Burroughs is The Man.
Caught Wages of Fear at a theatre this afternoon for $1. I thought it was outstanding.

I decided to set the table by watching Friedkin's remake "Sorcerer" the day before. Also solid.



“The essential doesn't change.” Beckett
Long Day's Journey into Night. What a strange movie. Non-linear, very (very) long, obscure dialogue, great acting, untrustworthy narrators, amazing cinematography and the last 59 minutes was a one shot. So confusing. I loved it! but damn, i'm going to have to see it again...and again...and again. I am cool with that. Well, it wasn't very (very) long. It was long, 2 hours, 20 mins.

You need to see my friend O'Daniel...

I like the scene that is referred to as "Florida Fantasy" on the soundtrack. It starts with Joe Buck running on the beach in some type of Capri pants that would probably sell for $200+ at Abercombie these days. Then Rico Rizzo is concocting that same meal with the sliced pepper he is prepping in NYC only there is now a crowd of 100 waiting for him and he tastes it and motions to the crowd and they rush in. Good stuff...
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