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Eh, I wonder if he actually burned them or just abandoned the project and couldn't find everything (to return it) or just didn't want to be bothered.

If he had followed through with publication but didn't sell a lot of the copies, imagine what he could get for them now. ;)

"Hi, I'm Wayne. I have about 100 copies of this book that have been sitting in a box for 42 years...anyone want to buy one?" Ha ha.
I finally found a dozen or so of the drawings B. sent to the editor. Apparently, they were not burned after all. Well, at least not all of them.

Interesting drawing! - A man on a cross...inside an elevator? Funny, that Buk would use a Christian symbol.
Thanks, cirerita!
Well, most fundamentalists would probably take offense at Buk's use of the crucifixion myth, so it's not quite as surprising, knowing that he would offend a segment of the population that he probably had nothing but disdain for to begin with.
If that was part of the purpose with using the crucifixion myth, then you're absolutely right!
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Ah, there's more drawings! I love seeing Buk's drawings. I've never seen those before. They're very funny.
Thanks, cirerita!
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Old thread dredge, I know. I picked up a copy of A Tribute to Jim Lowell today, and nearly two years (June '67) after the announcement of Atomic Scribblings, the book is attributed to Buk as one of his publications.

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