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There's really not much info re. this aborted project. I never knew why this unique book -mostly drawings and a few poems- was never published... until last night I read an uncollected letter to Intrepid's editor where B. explains why the book did not come into life: it was burned! Funnily enough, Philpot did publish a few B. poems in his Border mag.

This letter was partially published in Living on Luck, but the following excerpts were edited out:

Can you imagine burning a Bukowski manuscript, or even a letter today?

Just Great! Thanks, c! If you have more uncollected/unedited letters please post them...
an entertaining peace of hell, as usual from hank.

thanks for that, cirerita.

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too banal to be true
evil is too
Cirerita -- great stuff, as always. Anybody know the real name of Wayne X. and the actual title of the book that was advertised?
The real title was Atomic Scribblings from a Maniac Age and the editor was Wayne Philpot. Maybe he's still around?

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