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Chinaski wasn't that fussed about food. Was Bukowski really so indifferent to food? Did he cook? Did Linda have any influence on his appetite/tastes in his later years?

There are various food-related passages in his work, of course. A recent thread mentioned the 2 steak dinners at the diner. Off the top of my head I remember these:
*The peanut butter and mouldy bread he bought in St Louis (I think it.)
*I forget where but he said something like "You've never tasted food unless you've been starving."
*Saying he "eats like a bird."

Any other food related passages or anecdotes?


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Well in Born Into This, Marina talks about going over to his place and eating. She said she loved it too because he cooked it, steak and lima beans.

and of course

when he was starving he lived off one candy bar a day and he had it at night.
The candy bar was Pay Day.

as for his later year I'm not too sure.

I know somebody in another thread mentioned a poem about Buk continually ordering porterhouse steaks and fries and then the guy refuses to serve him anymore. I'm not quite sure what poem that is, and in fact, I can't even remember if I've actually read it or not. Chances are I have though.
in post office; snails and shrimps and all that shit for mrs. frye as she comes home from work and their marriage...... assholes something bla bla, well you've all read it im sure
Steak and lima beans? Is that common in the USA? Marina loved it but did Buk?
I vaguely remember the turkey. Didn't it end in tears for whichever women it was that cooked it?
The snails bit was wierd I think. The perverse joy he took in the assholes.
In one of his novels he quit his job after having a good run with the ponies. He was living the high life, staying in hotels and going to restaurants every night.
I just remembered another food reference. There's a poem where he lists all of life's cons. One of them is pizza!


If u don't know the poetry u don't know Bukowski
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Eggs & oregano

In beerspit night & cursing he exchanges recipes with what's her name... (Martinelli?) just like any good girlfriend would do...
I remember that he says oregano goes good with eggs. He's right too, I've been using oregano with my eggs ever since I read that...:D

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