Bukowski: Born Into This

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  1. I might agree, but I don't think Bukowski ever produced anything because he thought it would cater to the popular ideal and sell more. So maybe a miss on Dullagan there. Other than Bono and Sean Penn (although he knew Bukowski), I thought Born Into This was a really good piece.
  2. maybe it was just that wanting seanPenn in the film led to Bono also apearing.
    To be honest i dislike both of them,as humans.

    They both started something quite original and then "bit the poison they were trying to avoid from the beginning".
    Well,maybe sean not as much as bono.

    ..right,they both acted very egocentric in the movie,mr. chewinggumCool and mr."hey im so high i cant read but thats art! I AM ART!"...do you like my blue glasses?

    well,im in a bad mood..

  3. "celebrity clout" -- that's a good way to characterize it. Unfortunately, our culture is shot through with this crap. If a Name has a take on a subject, no matter how shallow, it's deemed more valuable than in-depth commentary from a nobody. They should have interviewed Gerry Locklin before playing the Bono card. Oh well, it's still a good documentary.
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  4. Hi All,
    I have another question related to the poems recited on the 'Born Into This' doco. One gave reference to cannibalism. Could anybody give me the name of this poem and which publication I am likely to find it in now, please?.
  5. hank solo

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    did you check this thread, it references all the poems that feature in the doc?


    you might mean dinosauria, we which can easily be found in The Last Night of the Earth Poems (1992).

    It has the line:

  6. This is true...there is something kind of fake about S.P. isn't there. It's almost like he's hyper self-conscious of himself. Which is probably why he can act...that hyper sensitivity that makes him good as an actor carries over to himself. Maybe that's what his affinity with Bukowski was...he related to the sensitivity or something. He's trying to hide it, so he's always "on." Anyway, it's kind of obvious when he's being interviewed that he's trying to come off a certain way. He's got this DeNiro obsession....I don't know. That's all. Whatever.
  7. Thanks Hank, this is the line that punched me!. I had to leave the room to collect myself. I suppose Buk was writing within the cold war environment. (The extent of cannibalism throughout Indo-China and the Asia-Pacific during WW2 was ferocious and horrible in the extreme. Very few people know of this).
    This line is a highly prophetic announcement.
    Poor old Buk, it must have been hard to carry so much knowing.
  8. The Flame of Fame

    After rewatching the DVD, I wasn't bothered so much by their presence; but I was bothered by their seeming lack of mental preparedness and sharpness. I got the impression, false or not, that both had been partying the night before, separately or together, and it made them dull, hesitant and inarticulate to my sensibilities. (Or maybe Bono is just unsure or shy in front of the camera...) If someone famous is going to do an interview about a beloved and famous literary friend, please come to the table with your head clear and your mind sharp, rather than appearing to be slightly hung-over even if you're not.

    Tom Waits, on the other hand, thought himself through, it seems, beforehand. And so did Linda Lee and John Martin. I have nothing against celebrity interviews as long as they don't appear so lackluster and off the cuff. I would never object to a great interview if the celeb truly has something to say and says it with alertness and life. This was not the case, I felt, with Bono; and Penn's interview seemed like more of an unpolished performance, with neither of them commanding my full attention.

    Random tappings at the keyboard.
  9. absolutely agree.
    BORN INTO THIS has major FLAWS.
    BONO is only included because it's BONO.
    Get the U2 fans interested ($$$).
    His reading of BUK's poems was a major downer during the documentary, absolutely UNNECESSARY and EMPTY!
    Put him on the dvd as an extra if you want, but why BOG it down with him.
  10. Bukfan

    Bukfan "The law is wrong; I am right" Men of Mayhem Unholy Ones

    I agree! - Bono is only in it to give it celebrity clout...
  11. down with BONO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    his lack of charisma and BAD reading(s) really makes you question the filmmakers credibility.
    "Let's put BONO in and we'll get some U2 fans interested, they have money to spend!" They buy all those bad late 90's, 2000's records!
    BONO sucks!
    :mad: :)
  12. Hey all,
    Finally saw Born Into This two nights ago. I happened upon it at Blockbuster when I wasn't even specifically looking for it; such a fortuitous finding, I had to rent it. It did make me shake my head in disgust to notice that there was but one lonely copy, yet the store was advertising their purchase of 130 copies of some crappy comedy whose name I can't even recall now, "just for all of you!" Sheesh.
    Overall thoughts: I enjoyed it, and to be honest, I did learn a few things. I never knew too much about B's later life. I think it sort of glossed over the "controversy" of whether B actually spent 10 years or whatever in a Philly bar, acting as everyone's gofer, which is both good and bad.
    I like the balance they struck between sentimental poems/moments and stereotypical poems about beer shits and cheap whores. The point where B read a poem about Linda King and wept on camera was particularly poignant. I think those are the kind of poems that the general public might not find typical of B when they only know him as the "poet of the people on the street."
    As for the DVD extras, I only watched the home video made by Linda Lee, which was great. It was a kind of B that I'd never really seen in the Bukowski Tapes, yet it was still the same man, and he read his poems with the same weight, emotion and magically light-hearted efficacy as ever. I did try to start watching the Bono reading and the silly thing about "blowing my hero" (I couldn't stand that lady's voice!), but didn't get very far with either of them.
    So yeah, overall, good stuff. Glad I watched, and I'd surely watch it again when I get a chance. Thanks for reading.
  13. I really really want to get my hands on "Born Into This" and "The Bukowski Tapes". I just don't want to get ripped off, hell.

    Any advice... or anything i should know?
  14. Alrighty. Thanks.
  15. Can you name any site at all in countries around Serbia (in Europe) which delivers here and where I can order Born into this, because my country is the last hole on the Earth?
  16. hank solo

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    Bukowski : Born into This has now had a UK release, via Artefact Films. I have a copy here.

    There's just one disc, no booklet or anything. The disc is a dual layer DVD is coded for Regions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8. Appears to be a PAL disc. There are no subtitles. The aspect ratio is actually standard fullscreen 4:3, not 16:9 as per the cover. It doesn't have all of the extras that the Australian release had.

    Here's a list of the extra's on this version:

    1. Taylor Hackford In West (sic) Hollywood
    2. The Laughing Heart
    3. Plain Spoken Truth
    4. The Truth Is Never Ugly To God
    5. Bukowski's Influence
    6. Bukowski's Message
    7. "Roll The Dice"
    8. First And Last
    9. Bukowski's Home Video
    10. A Warm Pitcher Of Spit
    11. Bukowski's Mother
    12. The Blood Of A Coward

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  17. thanks hs.
    I'm already in discussion with them for my bukshop.
    Hopefully during July I can add that to the cataloge.
  18. hank solo

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    Not sure why they have not included more of the extra material. Seems a bit sloppy - there's a nice new animated menu, but that has John Dullaghan spelled John Dullagahn and there's a typo on the sleeve too - Taylor Hackford spelled Talylor Hackford.
  19. Region 1 + PAL doesn't really make much sense, since North America is NTSC. But then all the incompatible formats are dumb anyway. PAL is technically superior, but here we are with NTSC. I guess I should just be glad we're not SECAM or whatever they use in Russia.

    And seven different regions for DVDs - oy. The fuckery and penistry never ends.
  20. especially since there is something called 'RC 0' which means it's 'Region Code FREE'.
  21. Bukfan

    Bukfan "The law is wrong; I am right" Men of Mayhem Unholy Ones

    What a weird idea to leave out some of the extra material! Then one is better off buying the American edition and play in on a code free DVD player. And if you don't have a code free player, you can make a code free copy of the DVD on the net for free, or you can watch the American edition on your computer with the free VLC player...
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  22. what a great picture.
  23. If yoy have a region specific dvd player it can easily be converted to an all region player. Usually all it takes is a sequence of things such as turning the dvd player on then pressing the stop button twice. Contact the manufacturer or google it. Hey presto, all region dvd player
  24. gee, I liked the movie :)

    True, not much in the "preconcieved ideas about Bono) Bashing?, hahaha! It's all good...(funny, too) Honest, 2 me what he read seemed genuine, and Since Bono (already) HAS fame...why would he sign up?? Has money, too. Just my 2 cents...
  25. Yes! I love it! God I miss this film. I used to have it on my DVR and watched it regularly, sometimes falling off to sleep to the soothing tone of Bukowski's voice. It realy holds a special place in my heart and I look forward to the day that I get to watch it again.CRB:)
  26. Watched this for the first time last night and it only made me love Buk even more.
    Great stuff.
  27. It is so great! There is much Bukowski footage that I have not seen or heard. But 'Born Into This' was all it took for me.
    I Love that film. CRB:)
  28. I agree. I hate that part where Bono is reading Bukowski poetry. I always turn the volume down or fast-forward to the next scene. In my opinion Bono is just a huge douche with fancy sunglasses and huge ego. I doubt that he really likes or understands Bukowski poems/novels.

    Other than that, "Born Into This" is a great movie, I love it. I've watched it ~15 times already...

    I found this picture I had saved on my hard drive some time ago. I think it perfectly catches the spirit of Bono.

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  29. Gerard K H Love

    Gerard K H Love Appreciate your friends Men of Mayhem

    Brilliance from Latvia! Thank you. I always thought countries behind the Iron Curtain were perpetually behind the times. Benvenuto is in tune, good job on that.

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