Bukowski-Exhibition in Germany in summer 2014 (1 Viewer)

which specific items can you spot in this picture?

Er... What picture?

Is this the The Emperor's New Clothes kind of routine? :confused:
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an outsider, [...]
hot water music, probably includes the best painting Buk ever did.
yes, most defintitely.

(Outsider is #3 with our very own 'Outsider of the year' on the title-page)
the Bukowski Special, 2004.
another outsider, a yearbook,
crucifix and cold dogs...
yes, yes.
San Francisco Review. 1959? Also a Coastlines in the other hand from 1965?
close. it's San Francisco Review #1 (1958) / Coastlines #14-15 (1960) and Coastlines #21-22 (1964).
lower right is the 'confessions...' thing from OLE.

anything else?
maybe if you see the table (with slightly different items and in different order) from a better angle?


Is this the The Emperor's New Clothes kind of routine?
not really.
maybe your firewall rates pictures with Buk-items as 'porn'?
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Stack of wormwood, stack of laugh literary, penguin modern poets, collected manuscripts, German fuck machine(?).
[...] German fuck machine(?).
Looking at the pic now, I seem to see, where you thought you'd spot the German 'Fuck-Machine', being yellow with a white sqare on the cover.
Damn, how you deserve to be titled as 'The New Sherlock'!

here's the 'book' (a chap) you've spotted [ - on the left]:


these two have been publications in the GDR (German Democratic Republic) [ = East-Germany =DDR] at the times of communism.

That's what makes them so special:
it's been extremely unusual for the GDR-times, to let an author, who is Against All Autocratic state-power, speak out. (But then - they sure could use his rants against the bosses.)

Anyway. These are special.
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The yellow one? Thats the House of Books Ed Blair LouJon catalogue.
If you prefer to read offline, holding a (pretty heavy) book (and sniffing the paper
), it's also in Sunlight Here I Am (page 19).

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