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Bukowski inscribes to a "connoisseur of vagina and verse" (1 Viewer)

That's funny that that book was used as a coaster just like my copy of the out print I was a Third Grade Genius by justin.barrett. I'll trade you for the car, straight across.
I NEVER see that title up for sale. And although it's not dated, you can tell by the handwriting that it was signed right around the time of publication. Too bad about the condition and 20% premium, but it should still fetch a pretty good buck.
So there is! Well, blow me down! Just when I thought I knew a lot about one specific thing, I find out I don't know shit. Same as it ever was...
That could be a form of limited edition -- coaster edition; one of twenty copies with cover water ring from author's beer bottle.
There are 3 on ABE right now.
Now there are two. Maybe someone here bought one.

It's still the most difficult early chapbook to find. Which makes me wonder if all 300 ever went into circulation. It sure doesn't seem like it, based on availability.

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