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Great. What happened to the other interview? Published?
Thanks for releasing that one. Its good to read these things.

I'm in the middle of 'Sunlight here I am' at present.

I think I have copies of the original one somewhere. is that possible? I mean, I know I have one interview you conducted which remains unpublished, but I don't know whether it's this one or not. don't have time to check it now!

in fact, Calonne didn't print all the interesting interviews B ever gave. a pity.
cirerita said:
in fact, Calonne didn't print all the interesting interviews B ever gave. a pity.

yeah, you're right there. but there's a few good ones included. it'll do until i get the latest poetry collection.
When I find time, I'll release most of the material I have on Buk to the PoetryCircle site. It's a matter of finding the time.

I also have countless hours of interviews with Weissner yet to be transcribed.
cirerita said:
Calonne didn't print all the interesting interviews B ever gave. a pity.
And at least one he included without the author's permission.

Mary Ann Swissler (name misspelled as "Swisler" in the book) wrote, "Bukowski Reflects: The Street Smart Sage Discusses Skid Row, Women, and Life at 70."

She recently sent me a copy of the article to use on the site and included this interesting note; "[Bukowski] got really yelling mad at Matt and I around 3:30 a.m. I finally realized that it was because we'd drank all the booze in his house."

"ALSO, I'm severely bummed right now because last night I found a Bukowski book, 2003's "Sunlight here I Am," a collection of interviews. It has mine and they never contacted me for permission. Ask your readers to boycott it? Hank was never for ripping people off."

The authors of those stories/interviews are entitled to their share of any profit from that book. Using someone's work in a commercial publication without permission is not cool.
too bad about the Mary Ann interview being published without her permission. can't she sue them or something?
She mentioned going to the "National Writers Union," but I have to admit I don't know what that is.

I'm not greedy but these people can afford to pay me a decent fee. Now, I have to go the National Writers Union.

I just checked my files, and sure, I have the 2-1-88 letter Bukowski wrote to you answering all the questions.

wasn't this interview originally published in Gargoyle?

edit: I just noticed I also have the 2-3-88 letter John Martin wrote to you regarding this interview.

edit again: wow, I also have your 2-10-88 reply to John Martin.

if you have lost these letters, please let me know that. I could upload them to the "unpublished & uncollected" thread.

How did you get these?

This interview was not published in Gargoyle. That was the longer interview I did with Bukowski. I still have the original of that, I believe. My papers are not exactly in order.

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