Charles Bukowski Tapes Poetry Dvd 4 Hours Interview (1 Viewer)

I saw this

This is on ebay. Is it worth it. I am new to Bukowski and was wondering if this is any good. Also is there any compliation books of his poetry? I have none yet. A friend lent me one of his- thought I would like it and he was right thanks.

Ebay I noticed has a few DVDs of his stuff could anyone suggest something good? Are alot of these bootlegs? What are offical? Thanks again for reading and hopefully responding.
95% of the Bukowski DVDs and tapes you see on eBay are bootlegs. Of course you can't buy them retail anymore, so if you want to see them you're kind of stuck testing the bootleg waters.

The quality of The Bukowski Tapes bootlegs varies quite a bit. I've seen very good copies and almost unwatchable copies. Not sure about the one you linked to.

The only Bukowski compilation I know of in print is Run With the Hunted. Check that out, and there are a million directions you can go after that...
yeah i actually have that copy
its pretty good but there arent any chapters
but it is a bootleg
refer to my thread at the bottom of the forum. mjp posted pics of an actual vhs copy

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