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I wondered if Grant Hart was that Grant Hart. I only knew (of) him thorugh his Husker Du work.
Is this typical of him?
I know we've iscussed a bit in other threads but for the record-it's my opinion New Day Rising was one of the single greatest albums released. It still defies explanation.
Grant is a weird, creative dude. I really don't know what's typical of him.

Last time I spoke to him Husker Du was opening for Johnny Thunders and Wayne Kramer's short-lived band Gang War at First Avenue in Minneapolis. As I was walking through the parking lot behind the club, I saw Grant sitting there pounding on some shitty old piece of drum hardware with a rock ("fixing" it, I assume). I said, "Grant! What's the good word?" He smiled and said, "It's a beautiful day and I'm happy to be living in it!"

Ha. Very punk rock, yeah? ;) All those guys in Husker Du were like that though. There was a little hippie left in all the early punks, whether they wanted to admit to it or not.

He had a pretty serious drug habit at one point, and a lot of people wrote him off as a soon-to-be-casualty. So I'm glad to see that he's still alive and enjoying the beautiful days.


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Bob Mould, Grant Hart
Thanks for the info MJP and the photo!
For all the kicks drugs were purported to bring I think-I know-they have done more harm.
It's good to see he's making it through.
Ah, Hampshire College, what a few lovely days I spent there thirty plus years ago. Had two friends that attended, but I made a turn down another road...

Good to see that some things endure.

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