Heartwarming Short Video Dedicated to Charles B. (1 Viewer)

In case the sarcasm didn't come through in the title of this post, let me confirm that there is nothing heartwarming about this piece. I read There's No Business one night, then had a dream which I loosely translated into this short video. It's dark. I hope somebody gets something from it, I haven't figured out what it's about yet.

I haven't figured out what it's about yet.
Me either, but it sounds like a 17 year old boy reading his uncle's diary while someone makes a video of someone else shaving a hippie. The uncle whose diary it is, he works at H&R Block, but fantasizes about what it would be like to be "wild" and what might happen if he gathered up his courage and told his boss to "take a hike."
It's dark.
I guess that's kind of dark, the 17 year old and the uncle. Depending.

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