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Clamshell Cases (1 Viewer)

You have more patience than I do. I do not normally get into the house before things are opened. To wait three days for this, FLs book and Carol's book would not happen in the Roberts house.

Give Peace A Chance

Crazy, I know. But part of the deal I made at the island ranch.


(Thanks: Padre, Carol, Bill, Jason)

Thursday is gonna rock and roll. (poetry; art overload.)

One of the greatest "collection" days of my life.

Happy everything to all.

My religion is: give peace a chance.


homeless mind
It's a great Christmas gift you're getting! It's an awesome looking clamshell with that cork paper. I'm so glad I bought one!
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A couple of reminder shots of how great the At Terror St... clamshell looks:

Clamshell001.jpg Clamshell002.jpg

Just brilliant, Bill. But I will say that the It Catches... is more stunning; but I may not own a copy of that for a long while.
A couple of reminder shots of how great the At Terror St... clamshell looks:

It's beautiful! I like the way it has the title on the clamshell cover. It almost looks like the book itself!
Too bad I don't own the book...
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oh shit! I spelled it wrong! What is the chance that the two people that have the 1/17 SREET versions would have gotten these?


Here's a link to the clamshell I made, with a lot of help from Mr. Roberts of Hosho McCreesh's book "Marching Unabashed Into The Weeping Searing Sun".
I made this while visiting during the inauguration. It's very sweet.


Thanks Bill
Strangegirl: How about making a few more?

I have both a wraps and hardcover of Hosho's epic. If you'd make a few, I'd certainly pay you for it. That's quite (really freaking) nice.
Thanks guys, Greatly appreciated.
I'm still very much learning my craft and this was the 1st clamshell I have ever made and with much much guidance from Bill.
I will eventually make more but I still need practice and I won't have Bill guiding me. Well except in spirit of course. He's a really good teacher.

Yeah the colors are nice and the book looks very happy inside it.

So thank you again.

Fire Station Clamshell now available:

$55 in the US, $60 outside the US.





Payment to paypal ID [email protected], or a check is fine. If you order this, please let me know if this is for the hardback or the paperback. Also, it is a good idea to confirm the dimensions as they may change from 1st and 2nd printings. These will take me a little more than a week to complete.

The clamshell is covered in red (with gold and black veins) Indian made 100% cotton paper.


p.s. Stay tuned for a clamshell to house the full run of Bukowski SPARROWS.
Oh Bill, that is freaking lovely. I'll take one for sure. I'll have to check the measurements of my 2nd edition in wraps, and I'll send that along. Right now I need to work a few things out regarding my paypal account, so it may take a couple of days.

really fucking great work. seriously, that is a happy book right there.


you are a maniac genius freak and I'm honored to know such a goddamn craftsman. great stuff. now please to make one for the two existing hardcover copies of AND STILL THE NIGHT LEFT TO GO ;)
It's beautiful! If only I had a copy of Fire Station...
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Sparrow Clamshell

Here it is, for anyone interested.




This is covered with imported Japanese bookcloth on the outside and domestic on the inside with red acid free cards on the inside.

The price is $55 in the US and $60 outside the US. Postpaid, of course. As before it will take me about a week to 10 days to fill any orders.

Hey Bill: the photos aren't showing up. And am I looking forward to these!

Edited to add: The Fire Station photos, which showed up fine the other day, are not available as well.
Hey Bill: the photos aren't showing up. And am I looking forward to these!

Edited to add: The Fire Station photos, which showed up fine the other day, are not available as well.

The photos show up here. Maybe my website had a burp... Can you hold down the CTRL and then refresh the page? Anyone else that cannot see them?

Is there a wiki or guide online to making these cases?

They look incredible, Bill and strangegirl. Even though I'm not sure I could do better, I've got nothing better to do.
There are probably sites there. Check Google. If you are in a metropolitan area, you may have a book art center where you can get the supplies. You need book board, book cloth, PVA adhesive & a board shear. Also, a nipping press and letterpress would help, but are not 100% necessary. You can also get them from mail order, but there are minimums and book board is pretty heavy, so postage is a lot.

It is expensive to make one, but the more that you make the more that you can spread the costs of the necessities around. I probably have 30 or 40 different colors of book cloth here that I have been collecting for some time.

Beautiful work as always Bill.

I just sold my copies of The Sparrow a couple months back, or I'd jump right on that.

And the Firestation one... BEAU-ti-ful! The colors are brilliant, especially the inner gold.
I had waited a couple of minutes to see if they showed up before, but now they do. Again, lovely stuff. I'll paypal you for the Sparrow clammy to go along with the Fire Station version I've already paid for yesterday.

Much thanks, and brilliant work once again, Bill.
not Bukowski but....

I know, this is NOT Bukowski, but anyone interested in this please let me knwo. I have a copy of it on ebay now. The buknet price is $5 off of the ebay price, or $75 in the US and $80 overseas.

I know that some of you love Ryden and others REALLY, REALLY do not care much for him...




we currently have two copies of this book (both signed)... i was waiting for the limited edition version (which comes in a clamshell), but to be totally honest, i'm sure bill's is nicer.

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