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honestly... they're falling off, in my opinion. rather than coming with a print, as anima mundi and fushigi circus did, it's coming with "tree show souvenirs," all of which are available separately (like the postcard set, the pennant, the pencil, etc.). the books will not be clothbound (which to me is de rigeur if i'm going to spend major $$$ on it), but at least they'll feature a different cover design. plus, supposedly the clamshells are going to be covered in white slik, meaning they are going to look nice for about five minutes before they get stains. give me a ruddy, woody burgundy colored clamshell and the original cover, filled with a book that i personally put in front of ryden to sign instead of the porterhouse one any day!

also bill - do you have "the upset?" it's a brand new german anthology of contemporary art featuring a wraparound cover by ryden. great source to discover new artists. amazon has it for around $45.
we managed to get 'the upset' (i got this for my b'day) signed by ryden as well - the limit was 2 books per person, and we had 4 of the tree shows between us, but a guy ahead of us with only had a postcard kindly got our copy of 'the upset' signed.
Those that have ordered copies of Fire Station or SPARROW clams will get them early next week. They are shipping on Monday.

Also, I have the following for sale that have just been designed (will be ready to ship next week):

I don't think that anyone here has this (one of the rarest of all Bukowski books), but I know someone that does and they wanted to protect it. $60 in the US, $70 overseas. (Thanks to Jason for supplying the high quality scan of the graphic)


Then there is this:

$65 in the US, $70 overseas.


Alas, This one can be made for hardbacks or paperbacks. I can do it with any part of the flag for the spine...

$65 in the US, $70 overseas



Stay tuned for one for "Genius of the Crowd". I'm not sure if anyone here has a copy of that book.

Stay tuned for one for "Genius of the Crowd". I'm not sure if anyone here has a copy of that book.

I know of one person here who has it, but I'm curious about how are you going to get the correct dimensions for it. Wasn't it printed on roughly cut scrap paper or did I imagine that I read that somewhere?
with levy you always have to be careful as his production created variations. I left some room form side to side. I guess it would be best to verify dimensions before I make any more. This is probably the book with the most variations is size.


p.s. The insides were printed on cut envelopes. That is probably what you are referring to...
I don't think that anyone here has this (one of the rarest of all Bukowski books), but I know someone that does and they wanted to protect it.

Second question: if you're friendly with this person, do you think that you could ask them to provide a scan for collectingbukowski.com? Please?
I know that a couple people here have this book. This has the "2" that was impressed by me on my press from a linocut.

The price is $55 in the US and $60 outside the US.

Fucker. Now I have to get one of those, too (2?).

You should take a picture of all of your clams lined up as they might appear on a bookshelf. I'll bet that is an impressive sight.
I agree with mjp, not the fucker part, the part about lining them all up and taking a picture. That would be cool and then after that I'll get one of the Post Office Clamshells. I have that book, alas only in paperback, but it will look dam cool on my shelf.

i'll just zip off a paypal to ya, but take the picture first.....:D
Run With The Hunted 1962 Clamshell

I'm not sure how many people here have this (I don't have it), but I made a clamshell for this book for a collector.

The price is $60 in the US and $65 overseas.

The cover is letterpressed (on bookcloth) to look like the cover of the book.

run with.JPG


p.s. The picture makes it look shitty. The printing is nice and clear....
yeah, there are two copies on abe now, each for about $3000. Still, I believe that a couple people on this forum have copies. I do know a couple people who are not on tis forum with copies.

Still, this is one of those rare EXPENSIVE early books.

Well, I, for one, am mailing a cashier's check for three dollars, later this week. I need one reading copy, one to lend out, and one to keep on the shelf with my Reader's Digests.

I hope it's good. I'd hate to waste three bucks and be stuck with duplicates if it's not.
Somewhere on this forum I recently posted a story about how I stupidly sold an inscribed hardcover copy of FIRE STATION for, really, no good reason.

In the spirit of fairness, and so that I don't look like a complete fucking moron, I would like to mention that back in the mid-90s I bought a fine copy of this title signed (with a nice contemporary inscription) for $400, which seemed utterly insane at the time.

So I have my moments of genius as well as my bouts of stupidity.
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Not sure how many folks here have these, but they are:

Price is $65 in the US, $70 overseas

Price is $65 in the US, $70 overseas

And yes, this is blindstamped on the cover. I cut a linocut from the original artwork.

They're both very beautiful! I like the color contrasts, yellow/black and White/black, and the blindstamp is icing on the cake. Well done, Bill!
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All clamshells have been sent (Except for one person who asked me to wait a week). I REALLY appreciate the patience of everyone. I took on more than I could chew (Which is a problem that I have) and then felt very bad about taking so long. Those in the US should see theirs on Saturday or Monday. Those in Europe and Australia should see them a few days after that.

I do plan on doing others (Longshot Pomes, Confessions, Assholes, New Censorship set, Big White Book), but need to get the Barker biblio and postcard set done first. On top of that, I'm trying to finish up with Bottle #6 which is over a year past schedule. Once I get caught up on those I'll announce the other clamshells. If there are any others that you would like to see, please just let me know.

Thanks again!


If they are anything like the last lot ... they are well worth the wait!!!

Looking forward to receving mine and sorry for being so annoying!!
Bill: you do such fine work, I'm sure everyone is willing to wait. Your overload is partly my fault: the biblio and the postcard set, at the same time. Speaking of the biblio, I still need to make the paintings for it. I'll start this weekend.

By the way, there's a clamshell (or maybe it's just a fancy book-box) at the end of the ANGELS & DEMONS movie, holding a super rare printing of a Galileo work. It's covered in blue cloth or leather, with a gold insignia of some kind on top. I thought of you Bill, when I saw it.
The biblio is done and I'm sending the sig sheets to David for his sig. He will return these with the artwork, so that I can bind them. In the mean time, I'll bind the wraps edition and sew the signatures that are not affected by the signature page and I will cover the boards. That way, once I get the other stuff back from David, they will go quickly.

As far as the postcards, I have received the graphic for the cover as a magnesium plate. I will have the postcards in a couple weeks, so that should go pretty fast too!

I'm starting on the paintings for the biblio tomorrow -- have to work today. They should go quickly as I'm doing them "production line" style. Simple forms, primary colors, no complex drawings as in the Bukowski portraits. They will be more decorative than illustration. With some secret symbols and hidden allusions thrown in just to keep things interesting.

I received a very pleasant package today - full to the brim with perfectly fitting clamshells!!

Many thanks - they are awesome!!
I went back and looked at those clamshell photos again -- gorgeous, Bill.

The paintings for the Biblio are progressing. It's a self-portrait, so it's, like, all about me. My books, my mug, my horseshit. Those Bukowski clamshells can damned well wait!

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