Cool Birthday Gift

One of my buddies got me this poster for my b-day a couple months ago. Thought I'd share... If anyone has any thoughts on frame style/mat color, I'm interested...

That's also on the label of a beer-bottle in a bar in Chile, where it was spottet by Falko Hennig of the Bukowski-Society this spring:


(picture is from his talk about this trip on Buk-findings there at our symposium this August)

It would make a nice glass-window in a church.

Black Swan

Abord the Yorikke!
For the mat, you could also pick that pale straw yellow in the lower right corner with a black aluminum frame. Make sure that the mat does not override the colours in the poster. If you choose a blue, if should be a tone of blue that is not all over in the poster.
I'd go with the pale straw w/ black frame. You want the mat to compliment the subject, not to become the subject (not that I'd deign to tell you what you want, of course).
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