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Yes right up to the day you realize it is not getting you as high as it use to and when it feels bad to not be high. We hope you are kidding but maybe one day you will stop posting after you sell you computer so you can get a fix. Then you will steal some money from your dad's wallet and your friends wallet and on and on until you are a complete and total slave to the next high which will never be enough. You go ahead and purr. It will never ever be that good again and it will never feel as good to be sober again.
plus turning man-tricks to score is a serious downside.

It may be fun now, but will be less fun when you have to suck old men off to get a fix.

and here i've been sucking off old men and not getting high at all! i didn't realize about the whole quid pro quo thing, although i had a feeling i was supposed to be getting something out of it too.
All this heroin talk is okay but I'm not having any problem with that but I still am concerned that I'm not getting the full effect of the anti-biotics, if anybody would have any suggestions, like the helpful Bukfan, I would certainly try them out.

Again, the heroin seems to be working fine and there's no bad drug interaction with the anti-biotic, just how can I most effectively adminster the pill, it's called Azithromycin by the way.

and here i've been sucking off old men and not getting high at all! i didn't realize about the whole quid pro quo thing, although i had a feeling i was supposed to be getting something out of it too.

It was very nice meeting Jordan the other day.
slimedog said:
It was very nice meeting Jordan the other day.

You could at least have given Jordan something in return, slimedog. I mean, since he's such a mitey willing boy...:D
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Forget about trying heroin, mikeypants. You will most likely end up an addict. Remember what Miles Davis said about heroin addiction (his and everyone else's) - basically everyone starts snorting, then switches to needles because snorting doesn't get the job done. Then $20 dollars is not getting it done, so you spend $50, then.....on and on.... Near the end, Davis confessed he was stealing from his own friends and bandmates. He never mentioned sucking off strangers, but I assume that's because he kicked the habit in time.

With all apologies to any GLBT readers of this thread who may be offended by our use of the fellatio imagery, but it does demonstrate the desperation and degradation of the addict's situation, does it not ? Gay male addicts all wish they could service Olympic swimmers for their dope money, but usually settle for much less. (Michael Phelps smokes weed - leave him out of this !)
Forget about trying heroin, mikeypants.

(Michael Phelps smokes weed - leave him out of this !)

Yes MP, forget about that shit. You'll see yourself throw up and fall asleep.
btw, I watched Michael swim across the Montreal olympic swimming pool, back and forth in 48 seconds. Just beautiful!

my two grams...
I don't know if anything we type here can stop you from pumping that crap into your arm. If you want to end up shitting in your mikeypants without noticing while waiting for the next customers to suck off, it's disgusting.
But if that's your idea, fine, it's your life. Go on and waste it.
I'm just thinking about the few ex-junkies I've known and they all missed years of their lifes ( and had serious brain damages "Huh? What did you say? Huh? I don't know man. Huh?" ). If you want to become a human garbage bag and be equally treated, that's sad.
But it's not my business. Kill yourself.
Again, the heroin seems to be working fine and there's no bad drug interaction with the anti-biotic, just how can I most effectively adminster the pill, it's called Azithromycin by the way.
I took two rounds of Azithromycin early this year, and I found that the first round didn't do the job because I was taking them the way "the man" wanted me to - swallowing them.

For the second round I tried something different, and the effect of the antibiotic was immediate and wonderful. Here's how it's done:

1) Prepare your morning heart injection of heroin (30 - 40 grams depending on how good you need to feel).

2) Crush the "zith" with your NIN logo mortar and pestle.

3) Wet the penis of the old man who bought you the heroin (there are many ways to do this).

4) Sprinkle the zith on the penis and start sucking.

5) The old man holds the heart syringe, and just as he is about to -- "attain satisfaction" -- he jams that fucker into your chest and hits the plunger with his thigh.

6) Stumble/fall back onto your filthy mattress and enjoy the potent cocktail of a few of the greatest known pleasures in the world.

Your infection will clear up eventually.

You can use this method too mikeypants. Just substitute your everyday laxative for the Azithromycin.
Thank you, MJP, for the helpful advice. I believe I'm taking the right dosage on the heroin so I think I'll stay with that for now and I purchased that NIN thingy today at Hot Topic, now as far as the old man advice-well, I'm the old man as hard as I try I just can't reach my penis so I just spit on it instead. All the other advice has seem to work really well and I guess they're right when they say whatever problem you have you can go to the Bukboard and get great advice.
I want a Bukowski branded mortal and Pestle to go with the beautiful bobble-head that I stare at as I inject the zith directly into my heart.

Jesus christ, Bill! Don't be crazy! You can't inject zith straight into your heart! Good lord, man, are you trying to kill yourself?!

Never, ever inject anything but highly concentrated opiates and stimulants directly into your heart. Antibiotics, antidepressants and antipsychotic drugs should always be crushed and either snorted, taken orally (see #3 & #4 above) or administered via enema, in a mixture of hot red wine and pure lye (or Drano® in a pinch).

If the kids only take one thing away from this thread, let it be that.
Ahhhh, the kids should just take whatever Michael Jackson took, especially if they're trying to catch-up on their zzzz's. It worked for him.
That's right. Here you go:

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for chrissake, no wonder with that daily dosage.

Antibiotics equal anti-life in the long run.

Your natural defense system finally goes , although sometimes necessary.
250mg Xanax by itself would make you sleep 24 hours (or a week) straight. On top of Demerol, Dilaudid and all that other shit? I doubt, at 117 pounds, that he had that kind of tolerance.
I take Prilosec daily just like Michael, or at least as he used to:(

Also, just like him, I play music, dance good and I'm white.

Alas, these are in the past tense for Michael:(

I've decided not to be anti-biotic anymore and pro-biotic but are unsure of what drugs (beside heroin) to take.
Great! Then you weren't killed by the heroin or the air bubbles. Was it a good "high" the second time as well?
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While I find this thread distasteful (but I do appreciate the sarcasm associated with many of the posts), I will say that when I had an upper GI endoscopy, that demerol they gave me was quite nice.
It was alright, but you're tolerance does skyrocket pretty quick. I just finished what I had( 5 bags in 5 days, through the nose and the arm, took the third day off). If I decide to do it again I'll give myself a good month off. I don't want to be irresponsible or anything. Now I guess it's back to xanax and weed for my nerves. I really do need something hard almost all the time to function ( the only thing I consider soft would be weed, and maybe alcohol). But I will admit that exercise would do wonders for me ( I think it's been proven that exercise works as well as any anti-depressant), but I would still struggle with terrible depression in the morning, and daily, anxious, "cookiness". The trick for me has always been to juggle so as not to become too addicted to anything. Heroine won' make it into my usual rotation, but I can't imagine I won't ever do it again. Unless I'm already a zombie and don't realize it yet! I do kinda want some heroin-soaked brains...
hey kid, let me give you some advice from an old hat... ayh, shit. on second thought, fuck it. forget it.
...exercise would do wonders for me ( I think it's been proven that exercise works as well as any anti-depressant)...
Yes, exercise has been proven to help on various mental conditions. If I were you, I would give it a try. Meanwhile, stay with the medication your doctor prescribes. The medication should be sufficient, so you don't need to medicate yourself on the side. If it is'nt sufficient, then you need to see your doctor.
As for alcohol, I would'nt call it a soft drug.
Anyway, best of luck!
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Mikey: If you think you're just experimenting with your own life, you'd be correct. But you are also fucking with all of the lives around you. I'm not your mother, so fuck it. But I'd be remiss if I didn't say: cut the fucking shit you stupid fuck. You know, or not.
Thanks for the advice, but I don't see any doctors, I don't have any coverage or the coin, but when I was younger I used to go to doctors( I tried a few) and none of the prescriptions or therapy ever did a lick of good. The best I think I could get from a doctor would be a prescription for xanax,( and they won't tell you this) but I would still have to take breaks so I won't get addicted and to keep my tolerance down. I was in rehab when I was 19 and there were ALOT of people there hooked on the stuff because there doctor prescribed it to them when they were going through some sort of hard time or something, and they just had no idea what a powerful drug it is. Older people who had never really had any substance abuse problems at all. One week there dog dies, the next week they can't keep track of the days.
I tried some drugs in the 90s, ecstasy, speed, cocaine, lsd, weed.
cocaine was totally boring. ecstasy was nice until I overdosed it. lsd was a very good experience. since those days I enjoy a little smoke in the evening. i smoke the weed with natural herbs instead of tobacco 'cause I quit smoking cigarettes some years ago.
After 12 years of weed I quit the shit. I still have those funny visual interpretations sometimes, that has remained somehow in my brain. I'm glad it's not the reduced language. I've tried cocaine once here in Germany and it was only numbing my nose and lips. Then I tried it on the West Indies and had the classical delusions of grandeur, maaaaaaan I was omnipotent. So it sucked both times.

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