F.N. Wright has died (1 Viewer)


I just heard the sad news. He was a good guy. We talked on the phone often and were working on a couple future projects.

Carl Weissner translated his novels into German in the 70s where they sold very well in Germany.

Fred was included in the set of books 9 in Nine that was published in October.

Fred had health issues over the last couple years. This is the last that I heard from him about 10 days ago via email:

"have been down w/something since thursday nite but seems 2 be clearing up."

I also liked his art (watercolours) a lot.

Voodoo Beat with Piss on the Pope cover is a very nice one.

he wrote this a month ago when I had asked what was wrong.

"anemic, underactive thrroid, CHF, afib, have a pacemaker, had a cancerous tumor removed from rite kidneym & have PTSD (vietnam) that manifests itself as agoraphobia when it flares up."

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